Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Everything You Know IS Wrong!

from Thomas at Chromium Switch:

G. D. Maxwell, a writer for "Pique Newsmagazine" based in Whistler, British Columbia, commented on the upcoming elections in BC:

"... But noooooo. He [John Van Dongen, former solicitor-general] loses his job over speeding tickets. Oh the moral turpitude. And get this, Two-Martini [British Columbia Premier Gordon] Campbell, accepting the resignation and saying he'll now screen the driving records of future solicitors-general, has the incredible bad taste to say, "I think it is important for the s-g to set an example. I think it's important for all of us to try to do that."

When Mr. Mug-Shot can say that with a straight face, I'm more convinced than ever the Firesign Theater are running things. For those of you completely unfamiliar with Firesign Theater, punch 'em into YouTube and have fun. Hint: You might try imbibing in a bit of the main plank of the Marijuana Party's platform first..."

As it turns out, there really IS a Firesign connection, as explained by Phil Proctor himself:

"Good grief!!! He's talking about my daughter's father-in-law, Gordon Campbell, who is running for re-election as Premier of British Columbia! Kristin and Geoff are up in Vancouver helping him right now.

One of his party members had to be fired because he was caught speeding and Gord's political enemies, like this jerk, are still harping on the fact that Gordon was arrested years ago on Maui (where the whole family celebrates Christmas every year.) for DUI. He's been sober ever since and this is a very unfair rap. ~ Philip"