Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bonsai Island

Near Long Island, Moultonboro NH. Barely visible as a tiny white speck above and to the left of the lonely pine tree is Mt. Cardigan, which is some 30 miles west.

Believe it or not, this is not the smallest island on Lake Winnipesaukee. But it's darned close.

Craig on Saddle Hill photo, March 21 2009

Aloha, Auntie Maria

Auntie Maria has sold the mele.com Hawaiian music retail site and it will move from its current Kaua'i address to Mau'i.

In her own words:

"MELE.COM has been sold -- I'm leaving retailing, but will still be active in the island music industry as a voting member of the Hawai`i Academy of Recording Arts, and with my two radio shows....The website will close on April 15 as the transfer of ownership is made to my friend, Fred Krauss on Maui. He will reopen the site as quickly as possible -- so you can continue to depend on
MELE.COM as your one-stop shop for island music!"

A Match Made in Heaven

Details on this year's 15th annual R.C. Cola and Moon Pie Festival in Tennessee...

A Tasty New Stupid Music Release

Germany's Bear Family has done it again, this time with a great new release featuring the best of steel guitarist Leon McAuliffe's work from the late 1940s and early 1950s, after he had left Brother Bob and the Texas Playboys. It's called "Tulsa Straight Ahead".

Leon even covers the 50s doo-wop classic "Sh-Boom (Life Could Be a Dream)".

Tuesday Music Digest

An interview with Butch Trucks


A review of that new Dylan tune I mentioned yesterday. Apparently it's still available online.


Booker T's new band-the Drive-By Truckers!


Blue Note Records' Magnificent 7


And singing to save the music


Hot Stuff!

Yet another band has popped up to celebrate the Gypsy music of Django-The Hot Club of Hulaville. Located in Hawai'i, of course.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Last-Minute Deal Keeps Governors Island Open

New York State will contribute $7 million.

New Dylan Music

Today Bob released a single from his upcoming new album called "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" as a free MP3 download. Click the post title to get started.

But hurry, it's available as a free download for today only. It's a 6.95 mb Zip file.

Oh, the song is GREAT, by the way! Features David Hidalgo from Los Lobos on accordion and Mike Campbell from the Heartbreakers on guitar!

Monday Music Digest

Prince (remember him?) plays 3 shows in one night in LA


(Keith) Urban Renewal


Jazz in New Orleans: a 2009 status report


Jazz review: Eric Friedlander's Broken Arm Trio


And fresh thoughts on new music


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mauna Loa 25 Years Later

Video a quarter of a century later. Whatever happened to "Film at 11"?

New Orleans JazzFest 2009 Day-by-Day

The compleat schedule. Lotsa biggies.

Hole In The Wall

Sandwich Notch, NH...this pass, though nowhere near as spectacular as its larger counterparts, has an equally fascinating history, available by clicking the post title.

Photo by Craig on Saddle Hill, sometime in March 2009.

We Travel the Spaceways

Greatest Hits of the Hubble Space Telescope!

Here's a 1990 shot of the Cat's Eye Nebula. Click the post title for more images.

Tea Time on the Big Island

Visiting a tiny tea plantation...

Scary Flying Story

The world's first flying hotel?

Aloha, SuperFerry

The Hawai'i SuperFerry has set sail for Alabama.

Coco Palms, Chapter 9,437

A community group has formed on Kaua'i with hopes of purchasing the shuttered resort, best-known as a filming location for Elvis' "Blue Hawaii".

Sunday Music Digest

An interview with Beatles film co-star Victor Spinetti


A record store owner makes a pilgrimage to Clear Lake Iowa


R.I.P. to folklorist Archie Green


Bela Fleck sighted


And another roundup of new releases


Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Music

A roundup of recent music from the Hawaiian Islands. Actually one of the new releases is by the Canadian Jake Shimabukuro...

Saturday Music Digest

A review of Bobby Dylan's latest


Remembering the late Lou Rawls


Stupid Music with The Flatlanders


An interview with Phoebe Snow, who even mentions how "Poetry Man" has been covered by Na Leo from Kailua!


And Face to Face with Ian McLagan


Friday, March 27, 2009

Himalayan Cloud Generator, Eastern US Version

Looking north from Moultonboro Neck...on the left is the Whiteface Range, but the major point of interest is that puff of white in the middle, which is Big George-aka Mt. Washington.

Non Guitar Fest

Guitar picks made from sea turtle parts are a no-no!

Sap Season Update

I previously showed some pictures of the "traditional" New Hampsha maple syrup sap gathering paraphenalia, namely the metal buckets.

Here's the next evolution, plastic tubing attached to several maples at the same time, all draining into a central container. In this case, a brand new plastic garbage can is fine.

Winona Road, Meredith NH March 27th.

On Location

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the epic film "South Pacific", part of which was filmed on the very spot where I took this picture in 2003.

Tough Surfing

A near-miss and a drowning off the Halona Blowhole on Oahu...

A Divorce for Governors Island

The NY Times weighs in.

R.I.P. Larry Glick

(WBZ Photo)

Larry was the Dean of overnight Boston talk radio from 1967 until 1987. WBZ's clear-channel signal reaches 40 states after dark, so he had a wide audience. Sad to say, I never did win a Glick University T-Shirt.

Aloha, "Commander".

Friday Music Digest

R.I.P. to singer Dan Seals


Caribbean jazz with a touch of class


A ragtime festival starts today in Minnesota


A preview of JazzBoston's JazzWeek '09


And yet another great musical name, Kitten on the Keys


Thursday, March 26, 2009

A 23 Minute Tour

In "Howard's New Life" (1967), a later episode of "The Andy Griffith Show", Howard Sprague sees a tropic isle on a teevee travelogue show, and decides to chuck it all and move to an island in the Caribbean.

He winds up on the fictional island of "St. Benedict", which is only accessible by boat from Trinidad, and soon meets the island's friendly store-owner (played by the great Harry Dean Stanton, left).

Turns out that Harry's store is full of derelict Howards who moved to the same island before Howie did, and are now reduced to building ships in bottles. Click post title for imdb info.

"Wanna buy a ship?"

Just Say JAX

Stumbling between Louisiana breweries

Live Semi-Firesign Alert

Rocky will be performing live the next two weekends:

"They Killed Him Dead" and "Flame City" at the Stories From the Golden Age Theatre in Holllllywood.

"The Dickens You Say!"

Little Jimmy Dickens rolls on and on at age 88...

Saving a Music Venue

Anyone (like Craig from Saddle Hill) who's been to Ojai California has probably seen the "Libbey Bowl", an outdoor music venue similar to but much smaller than some other La-La Land shells. Here's the latest on the efforts to save it.

Latest View From Merrill Pond


Sunlight In Vermont

My insane mountain-climbing cousin Boyd finally completed his project to summit all of the New Hampshire 4,000 foot tall mountains in winter. This has been done many times by gweebs in the summer months, but it takes a little more patience to do it when the weather is cold.

His last summit was Mt. Washington, aka "Big George". He took this nice shot of sunset over the Green Mountains of Vermont at his campsite above timberline.

Thursday Music Digest

The hazards of guitar picking


A preview of this year's French Quarter Festival in N'Orleans


And some tasty N.O. music is coming to New Hampshire tonight


A look ahead to the annual Festival Internationale de Jazz de Montreal


And the first winners of the new Baker Artist Awards


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Slack Is Back

Guitar that is. These guys reguarly show up on my annual Christmas music CDs. Pity they are only to tour out West.

A True "Titanic" Story

All for a bottle of milk...

Ancient Coral in Hawai'i

Over 4 thousand years old!

Wednesday Music Digest

R.I.P. to Motown "Funk Brother" Uriel Jones, who drummed on many of the classics in the 1960s.


The lineup for this year's Rochester (NY) Jazz Fest is announced:


Benny Goodman rides again!


Frank Zappa does Letterman


And it's Wednesday-which means Uncle Tom is gabbin'


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Feel-Good Music

Click on the post title and enjoy!

Kailua Earth Day

Hug a tree! (or a marsh?)

Surf's Up

A new surfing museum opens in California.

Tuesday Music Digest

Trumpet Magic


Sacred jazz


Another roundup of new music and music video releases


Musical quilts


And R.I.P. to Nashville music legend Ted Jarrett


Monday, March 23, 2009

Doing A Train

A rather large HO railroad layout.

More people need hobbies like these, keeps the riff-raff out.

Aloha to "Bloody Sock"

Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, who brought us our first World Series title in over 80 years, is calling it quits.

From his blog (click post title for the entire text):

"This party has officially ended. After being blessed to experience 23 years of playing professional baseball in front of the world’s best fans in so many different places, it is with zero regrets that I am making my retirement official."

We're #1

For the first time, a new study shows the safest state in the US is...New Hampshire. Maine is #2, North Dakota #3, Vermont #4, and South Dakota #5.

"New Hampshire is ranked No. 1 for the first time thanks to impressively low crime across the board. It boasts the nation's lowest murder rate and second-lowest aggravated assault and burglary rates."

Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)
(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 49
Burglary: 49
Murder: 50
Motor Vehicle Theft: 47
Rape: 39
Robbery: 43

Winter's Last Gasp

What's likely the final Arctic air blast of the season is sitting over us this morning. 3 hours ago it was down to 14 degrees, and now it is a balmy 18. It's 4 degrees "warmer" at the Laconia Airport just a few miles to my east, but that's 500 feet lower in elevation and not near the top of a hill.

Monday Music Digest

Balloting's underway for Country Music Entertainer of the Year.


Don't fear the reverb!


The Victorian party city


Music on the South China Sea:


And a profile of jazz guitarist Julian Lage


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Music Video

Ookelele fest

"Beam Me Up, Scotty!"

Trekkies are building their own chairs...

Got Snow?

Got a whopping 2/10 of an inch of white stuff here today!

Sunday Music Digest

Musical diversity in Africa


Classical jazz


Cajun musician and author Ann Savoy has a new band


A round-up of new releases


And a concert review of the Allman Brothers Band...who had a guest guitarist with them.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Big Wave

A review of the new deluxe DVD release of the Disney film "Lilo and Stitch", which was set on the south side of Kaua'i. In brief, it's highly recommended.

Remembering "The Texas Tornado"

A review of this week's star-studded tribute at SXSW to the late Doug Sahm (who was known to play Stupid Music himself on occasion).

Saturday Music Digest

Another wunnerful band name, Bitch and The Exciting Conclusion


Dent May and His Magnificent Ookelele play SXSW


More on the passing of New Orleans' Eddie Bo


Layoffs at Gibson Guitar


And a mandolin workshop


Friday, March 20, 2009

We Travel The Spaceways

Florida music/photography blogger Ernie (Not Bert) has some nice new shots up of his efforts to photog the Space Shuttle launch the other night.

He's also got some great bird shots, as usual!

Ludwig Brings Back Ringo's 1964 Drums

This classic 4-drum 3-cymbal drum kit was well-known from The Beatles' debut on US TV, on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964.

The first 100 sets will feature Ludwig's 100th Anniversary badge on each drum. Recommended price is $4285, stands not included.

R.I.P. New Orleans Pianist Eddie Bo

One of the last of the classic N.O. pianists has left the building...

Saturday With The Sons

For you folks on the island of Kaua'i. the Makaha Sons will play a free outdoor concert Saturday at 1 PM in Po'ipu, at Prince Kuhio Park.

Speaking of The Sons, they have already penciled in Saturday, September 26th for their annual benefit concert here in New Hampshire...

First Day of Spring Music Digest

A guitar Mad Scientist!


A preview of Pete Seeger's 90th birthday bash:


Those Darlin's play SXSW


Fiddlin' around with Stupid Music fiddler Leon Gibbs


And a preview of the upcoming tour of Uncle Chickie and Johnny McLaughlin, Electric Guitarist...


Thursday, March 19, 2009

All You Need Is...An Independent Download

Latest on the never ending saga of making the Fab 4's music available online. As Son of George Dhani Harrison says about him and the others: "We're losing money every day."

New Hampshire Rock Star Convicted

Hmmm, never even knew she lived around here...Ossipee's about 20 miles east of Saddle Hill as the crow flies, and has long been little-known for anything other than being a waypoint on the road to Maine-but now the town is gaining favor due to some excellent resaturants.

Mount Ossipee, which looms over the town, is New Hampshire's version of Haleakala but with vegetation. It's an ancient collapsed volcanic crater.

OSSIPEE, N.H. (AP) — Rock icon and former Playboy Bunny Dale Bozzio has been convicted of animal cruelty in Ossipee.

Click the post title for the news story. Sorry, no pictures.

No Sign of "Little Jerry"

Sad to say, one thing has remained unchanged in Hawai'i since I lived there over 40 years ago-the idiots still have cock fights. Looks like they broke up a major ring on the Garden Isle...

Thursday Music Digest

Jazz Fathers and Sons


A new DVD from Sun Ra


Forgotten Stupid Music artist Hank Penny


Ivan Neville sighting


And a preview of this weekend's Kamehameha Song Fest in Hawai'i


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tasty Food

Just added some "Great Vittles" links on the right sidebar; these are a few more local eateries here in central NH.

Sal's Pizza is out of MA and has a great variety of tasty pies. Their "single slice" of pizza weighs nearly a pound.

Mike Love's LemonGrass is an outstanding Pan-Asian/Pacific Fusion place that opened in 2006. Sad to say, Mike himself left the building last year, but his idea rolls on.

Newick's was long a Seacoast-only clam shack, now it's got a new location in Concord. They also let you eat free on your birthday!

New Weather Gadget

I've added a new searchable weather link near the bottom of the page, just before the RSS links.

Surf's Up!

Rare big waves in March on the east shore of O'ahu. Includes some nice cell phone video.

50 Years Ago Today...

On this day in 1959, President Eisenhower signed the Act of Congress making Hawai'i the 50th State. However, today's "anniversary" will go widely unnoticed...

Wednesday Music Digest

6 new guitar CDs


A 10-foot-tall Les Paul?


A review of the Tampa Bay Blues Festival


A legendary Detroit jazz club tries to stay open


And it's Wednesday in Kaneohe, which means Uncle Tom is Gabbin'


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mud Fighter

Here's what our Meredith road crew uses to rake our gravel roads in this part of town. These are only used during Mud Season, as the rake tines break up the clumps of mud so it can better drain.

Up In Smoke

New Hampshire's world-famous match factory, DD Bean, was shut down last week by....a FIRE.

Hawai'i SuperFerry Grounded

The State Supreme Court has ruled that the waiver of an Environmental Impact Study was unconstitutional.

St. Patrick's Day Music Digest

Lá Fhéile Phádraig sona dhaoibh!

Another great band name-Death Cab for Cutie.


Remembering the "Texas Tornado", Doug Sahm:


Jazzman Dred Scott returns


Music in Hanoi


And another Q & A with guitarist Jim Hall, who was also featured yesterday!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Return to Uncle Chickie!

The 2 CD live album of Return to Forever's 2008 reunion tour comes out Tuesday! Includes bonus material, including an appearance by Sir George Martin.

We Travel The Spaceways

Yale has contracted to use the twin telescopes on Mauna Kea to look for something.

Sunday Music Digest

Playing ookelele with Arthur Godfrey


A chat with jazz trumpeter Roy Hargrove


Music and a meal!


W.C. Handy lives


And so does Bessie Smith


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekend at Arb's

Here's another local gem.

Arbutus Hill Pond is a mile from Saddle Hill, and is accessed from the other side.

Saturday Music Digest

The conductor of the Honolulu Pops celebrates his 10th anniversary with the band:


The Manhattan School of Music's Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra


The Korean Beat!


A rebound in New Orleans music


And the Best Music on Youtube, volume 51


Friday, March 13, 2009

"Looks Tasty!"

Fat City.

New Ways to Monitor Volcanoes

New equipment from our friends in Sweden!


Time is running out in the battle of the budget over Governors Isle in NY Harbor. The GI Commission approved a $12 million budget yesterday, but of course they don't have the money.


Spinal Tap is back!

Getting Lei'd in Hawai'i

A preview of next weekend's 3-day Celebration of Hawai'ian Lei Making.

Friday the 13th Music Digest

Wow, two months in a row with the 13th falling on a Friday?

A preview of the 15th South African Music Awards


Jazz meets Puerto Rican folk music


R.I.P. to a jazz legend, Concord Music's Hal Gaba


John Cruz at SXSW


And a chat with Dhani Harrison


Thursday, March 12, 2009

C + K

Legendary Hawai'i duo Henry Kapono Kaaihue and Cecilio Rodriguez will get the Hawai'ian Academy of Recording Artists Lifetime Achievement Award this weekend.

Island Images

Stumbled across this wild blog today created by a classical pianist who lives in NY City. One of the pages is images he shot on a visit to my old hometown of Governors Island in New York Harbor, including a haunting photo he took of the front-door name plate of our family's "home building", Building 111. We were A2.

Q! Q! Q!

The assorted fans of NRBQ who also play musical instruments have over the years had several fly-by-the-seats-of-their-pants musical jam sessions, especially associated with reunion shows by the band. This year will see the Mother of All such jams.

Thursday Music Digest

John Zorn's "radical Jewish music"


The latest web music sensation, Kutiman!


A new "women of jazz" release features world jazz ladies


Sweetness and the blues


And a Bonnie Raitt sighting


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Wrath of 'Chauns

Little Green Men in the movies and on teevee...

Smart Dog!

A stray Border Collie in Texas named "Hopper" becomes the first dog in history to recover a piece of a meteorite...

Highway 61 Revisited

Traveling the Blues Highway...

That Time of Year Part 2

Mud season in New Hampshire is also maple syrup season. Most producers no longer use the traditional sap buckets like these, seen just below Saddle Hill on Upper New Hampton Road, but instead use blue plastic tubing with multiple taps leading to a common container.

It takes about 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup.

That Time of Year Part 1

My road is under "pass at own risk" status for the first time in many years-that's how bad the mud is. We've already had a couple of vehicles get stuck. This is just below Saddle Hill...

End of a Tech Era

After 70 years, it's good-bye to the venerable View-Master...

Guitar Fest!

From Guitar World Magazine, the 10 worst-dressed rock guitarists. Yes, pictures included.

Hawai'i Goes SXSW

Honolulu Weekly has a nice preview of the 5 Hawaiian bands who will be at the annual SXSW Festival in Austin Texas.

'Ohana Jam

Get the Led out!

Wednesday Music Digest

And another great band name-The Bad Plus


R.I.P. to Philly music promo man Ralph Mercado


Black music at Carnegie Hall


New Hawaiian music from Canada


And Wednesday means Uncle Tom Moffatt is gabbin' in Kaneohe


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Chef is in Da House!

I got an e-mail from "Chef Otis" in New Orleans yesterday, who has a great blog dedicated to New Orleans music. We are going to do a link swap, so click on this post title or in the links on the right pane to get to the Pelican State.

JazzFest Art

Click on the post title to see this year's 2009 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival posters, which are on sale now.

The "keynote" poster features N.O. musical dean Allen Toussaint, the Congo Square poster features Trombone Shorty, and the How-Ah-Yah shirt this year features pianos!

The basic poster is $69; these typically show a nice value appreciation in a few years, even in a slow economy.


From the Big Island Video News, dueling ookeleles on the Big Isle.

Tuesday Music Digest

6 slow kings of the 6-string guitar


The return of the Vermont jam band Phish:


Meet the new dukes of ook


Yet another great band title-Ken Field and the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble


And a Louisiana librarian keeps the Cajun culture alive


Monday, March 9, 2009


Pepsi has announced it will be releasing limited "throwback" editions of Mountain Dew and Pepsi itself. These will be available for 8 weeks nationally beginning sometime next month. These will both be sweetened by natural sugar, not high fructose corn syrup.

Pepsi will also start marketing Pepsi Natural, a high end premium cola, but only in limited areas.

"Big Pink" Re-Opens

A report from Hawai'i Magazine on Saturday's gala re-opening of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Includes a slide show of all the fun.

Stormy Monday Music Digest

The first of our famous March snowstorms is blasting us this morning. In March of 2001 we got 7 FEET of the stuff.

A free-spirited drummer


High art without the snootiness


Music review: "Sacred Concerts" in the Big Apple


Jelly Roll!


And longtime NRBQ e-mail lister Paul Cirincione has a new musical entry at "Paul's Vault".


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sitting On Top of the World

Went snow shoe exploring this weekend. Report:

The post title's an old song that Bob Wills re-arranged and make swing, but this is the more or less "true summit" of Saddle Hill. This shelter was designed and built about 40 years ago and despite some weathering on the lower levels it's held up fairly well. A Polish guy whose name I can't remember is credited as the designer and builder on the plaque attached to the shelter.

It sleeps 2 people comfortably, 3 with crowding. I replenished the shelter larder with 2 boxes of dry chicky noodle soup base. One of these years I will actually try and sleep there.

Bobcat tracks in the snow observed, also snow flea infestations, as well as ski trails by left behind two CC skiers who kindly signed the visitors log at the shelter.

The December 2008 ice storm had minimal impact, but did knock down one tree at the outlook viewpoint, which is good, not bad.

Hole In The Wall

Pileated Woodpecker results on Saddle Hill, circa March 2009

The Pileated is the hugest one we have around here-size of a crow.

Saddle Hill Lichen

Doing a Train

Riding cross country on AMTRAK's "Cardinal" from New York to Fran Sanfrisco...

Winter Meltdown

Major melting going on here on Saddle Hill. And the road is a sea of mud. Luckily the temp will drop below freezing later today after being above the 32 degree mark since early Saturday.

Sunday Music Digest

Ridin' on the City of New Orleans....


The magical sounds of Brasil


Corky Siegel sighting


A look at the spring season of SF Jazz


And learn how to play jazz guitar!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Guitar Fest!

The Honolulu Sar-Bulletin reviews the new greatest hits album from slack-key great Reverend Dennis Kamakahi. Includes mp3 samples.

Friday Music Digest

More Stupid Music Weekend festivities


Marsalis meets Monk


In the Mood in Yuma


Ookelele players wanted in Britain


And R.I.P. to the great Piedmont blues guitarist John Cephas, who many of us saw at the Lowell Fest about a decade ago with his longtime partner Phil Wiggins.


Happy Birthday, Bob!

On this day in 1905, Bob Wills was born. And so was Stupid Music!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wide Shot

A look at Sony's new camera

Got Snow?

And I thought we had a lot of snow. Saskatoon blows us out of the water. Click the post title for pics.

Last Stop, Barking Sands

The Kaua'i Bus is starting on-call bus service to the Pacific Missile Test Range on the far southwest part of the Garden Isle. Only for anyone authorized to go on-base, of course.

Kaua'i pre-Barking Sands roadway photo by Craig on Saddle Hill, circa May 2003...

Thursday Music Digest

NRBQ fan Bobby Dylan will release a new album next month:-guesting will be Los Lobos' David Hidalgo on Louisiana Air Compressor:


Looking at the San Francisco Jazz Collective


Painted on Water, yet another great new band name!


Boney James sighted


And Dave Edmunds rips it up...


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Liverpool University is now offering a Masters Degree in...The Beatles.

Elbows On the Table

Firesign Theatre's Phil Proctor meets.....L. Ron Hubbard?

Semi-Live From Kaneohe...

It's Wednesday, which means that Uncle Tom's Gabbin'.

Wednesday Music Digest

Bolero time


A roundup of new releases


Music to cook by


George Wein seeking to take back control of Newport festivals?


And yes, a Stupid Music story!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Happy Birthday to original NRBQ drummer Tom "The Time Bomb" Staley, who left the band to raise a family but still sits in with assorted Q's from time to time in this century. Tom is also a major Weather Report fan, as he long ago had the chance to play with their tragic bassist Jaco Pastorious.

Here's Tom at the NRBQ 35th Anniversary show, photo courtesy of his website. Of course Gumby and I were up in the balcony for this show, so didn't get quite this close.

Jake on Tour!

Hawai'i's ookelele shredmaster Jake Shimabukuro kicks off a US tour this Saturday to support his new live album, which goes national in mid-April. Click on post title for tour dates, and click on the "news" section of Jake's website for more on the new album.

Hawai'i Astronomer Honored

The director of the University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy is getting the highest award for astronomy in Germany.

The Night the Music Lived

A full report of the 50th anniversary concert at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake Iowa...and yes, there is a Stupid Music element, as Bob Wills producer Tommy Allsup was a member of Holly's band that night, and lost his seat on the ill-fated plane to Richie Valens in a coin toss. Tommy finished this year's show with a guitar solo on "Not Fade Away".

Tuesday Music Digest

All Stupid Music today. I hit the jackpot.

"A Ride With Bob" hits South Texas


A preview of this weekend's Bob Wills Birthday Concert at Cain's Ballroom


A new Stupid Music album by Justin Towne Earle


As well as a Stupid Music tribute by Mat Kearney


And Chris Isaak does Stupid Music on his new CD as well.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Hanapepe Dream

A look at the funky little Kaua'i village that was the model for the town in "Lilo and Stitch", as well as the title of a recent album by former resident Taj Mahal.

Photo of Hanapepe's Main Street by Craig on Saddle Hill, circa May 2003.

10 Classic Rock-Era Guitar Instrumentals

Includes youtubes of each!

We Travel the Spaceways

About 30 miles south of Saddle Hill is the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium, which is dedicated to the memory of Concord's "Teacher in Space", who perished in 1986 when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after liftoff.

This Friday, the new McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center opens. "Shepard" of course is New Hampshire's Alan Shepard, who was the first American in space (and also the first spaceman to hit a golf ball on the moon).

The newly expanded museum will include changing exhibits, and also includes a full scale mockup of Shepard's rocket!

The Golden Age of Travel

A blast from the past...

Monday Music Digest

A family of country music legends


Who will be at the Playboy Jazz Fest this year?


King Crimson drummer Bill Bruford's autobiography is out:


A look at the upcoming Sonoma County Bluegrass and Folk Festival


And more on the lost Beatles track that recently surfaced...


Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Neophyte Discovers Kailua

"I'll never stay on Oahu," I used to say to myself with conviction. But after a week's stay on Oahu, I can't say that anymore."

"Put Down That Pickle!"

A new wiki dedicated to Firesign Theatre...

20 Best Small Towns in the West

Includes Hanalei on Kaua'i...

Got Snow?

A Winter Storm Watch has been upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning for east central and southeast New Hampshire and for all of western Maine except the mountains. Snowfall of 6 or more inches is expected in these areas with some areas seeing as much as 12 to 14 inches of snow.

March 1st Music Digest

Assorted new releases


The First Annual Disney Jazz Fest


Remembering MJQ's John Lewis


Happy anniversary to a Guam ookelele store


And a review of the first night at Jimmy Buffett's new Honolulu restaurant