Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pasquaney Bay

The best sand beach on Newfound Lake...

Falls of Clyde Saved

Saving a Tall Ship in Honolulu...

Waimanalo Blues

A landmark local market is sold.

Music on the Bayou

October is traditionally a great month for music in Louisiana, led by the Voodoo Music blowout at the end of the month. Complete list at the link...

New Feature-Daily Classic Music Video

First up, a guy from Motown...

More Endangered Species

The government wants to add 48 plants and animals that are found only on Kaua'i to its Endangered Species list, using a new process.

Elvis Pops the Pond

An Elvis impersonator convention in Britain!

Guitar Fest

Activision says record labels should pay them for featuring their songs on "Guitar Hero", contrary to what the record labels say (exactly the opposite, of course).

1970 Mitch Ryder Interview

A fascinating look back...be sure to also check out the links to the other interviews on the sidebar.

Thanksgiving Luau

Continuing a longtime tradition, Kailua High will have a fund-raising imu this year. That's a hole in the ground.

Clearing the Air

What air purifier works best on VOG?


Click on the post title for some great music-the theme from "Shaft" as performed by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain!

West Kaua'i Gets Added Bus Service

2 new routes.

Ship Ahoy!

The second Hawai'i Superferry eased out of Austal's ship shed on the Mobile River into a floating dry dock Monday...

Top 20 US Resorts Named

The Blackberry Farm in Walland. Tenn., was No. 1. #4 was the Four Seasons Hualalai on the Big Isle. Its sister resort on Mau'i was #20.

Tuesday Music Digest

Mostly jazz today...

Jazz on the river in South Africa


Wayne Shorter sighting


Review of a new DVD by the great Oscar Peterson


Dave Holland!


And Soul Queen Irma Thomas surfaces in Montreal


Monday, September 29, 2008

Looks Tasty


"Looks Tasty"

"Can I survive 6 days on trail mix?"

NYC Waterfalls Update

Click the post title for a review of a new book looking at Waterfalls creator Olafur Eliasson.

And click below for a story on his being honored by the City of NY:

"Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg presented the 2008 Doris C. Freedman Award to artist Olafur Eliasson and the Public Art Fund for The New York City Waterfalls...."


Hawai'i Tourism Outlook

Auwe! Down 17%.

"Pele's Whisper"

Landscape photographer Peter Lik is opening a new exhibition in Las Vegas featuring some of his images of the Big Island's volvanic activity. Click the post title for the info, and click below for a sample.


Monday Music Digest

Review of Sir Paul in Israel


Guitar songs-the world of Chuck Berry


Jazz on the rocks in Arizona


A new rock band from South Carolina-NEEDTOBREATHE


And a look at the Man of a Thousand Songs


Sunday, September 28, 2008

We Travel the Spaceways

Space X has successfully launched its fourth Falcon 1. This is the first privately-developed all-liquid fuel rocket.

Say Goodnight, Dick

A review of the new DVD set of the best of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, the infamous CBS show from the late 1960s which was cancelled by the network for political reasons. The new release includes bits that were censored and never shown, as well as a batch of great musical performances, by both the SmoBros and their musical guests, who were a Who's Who of 1960s rock.

Trivia-Tom and Dick were both born on...Governors Island in New York Harbor. However, they have no recollection of their time spent there, as their Dad was transferred off the island when they were both less than 5 years old.

Talk About an Intimate Music Venue!

In St. Louis, Rick and Nancy Wood have been doing a monthly house concert series for the past 3 years. Some of the names that have graced the Wood's living room include: Kelly Hogan (with Scott Ligon), John Doe, Susan Cowsill, Jason Ringenberg, Dwight Twilley, Peter Case, The Redwalls, Charlie Louvin, Jon Dee Graham, Robbie Fulks, The Skeletons, Brian Henneman, Blue Mountain, Commander Cody and loads more.

Saturday, November 29, it will be the Terry Adams Rock and Roll Quartet!

Goodbye to Shea Stadium

New York's Shea Stadium is having its last hurrah this weekend-here's a look back at a music event that took place there 43 years ago...

UPDATE: On the final day at Shea, the Mets lost, thereby completing their epic September 2008 collapse, and were eliminated from post-season play on the final day of the season.

CD Review-"Can You Deal With It?"

The latest from 80 year young New Orleans musical madman Andre Williams and his band, the New Orleans Hellhounds.

New Bob Dylan Release Pre-Stream

NPR Music will exclusively stream Tell Tale Signs, the highly-anticipated forthcoming album from Bob Dylan, beginning Tuesday, September 30 at midnight ...

Inside Diamond Head

Monitoring earthquakes in Alaska...

Kukuiula Update

I previously mentioned this vacant former sugar field across Lawai Road from where we stayed in Koloa in 2003; here's more info on what will fill it.

Governors Island Open House

Includes a tour of the usually off-limits southern end of the island...as one who lived there for 3 years, I can tell you the south end ain't much, except for the great views! Mostly warehouses, etc.

It's About Time

Professor Stephen Hawking is to unveil a remarkable £1 million clock with no hands that pays tribute to the world's greatest clockmaker.

Sunday Music Digest

Latest from New Orleans on the upcoming NO-Fest in Londres


Another upcoming music fest, this one by the Sidney Bechet Society in NYC




Remembering drummer Earl Palmer in South Africa


And the VOA looks at the "Ambassador of Jazz"


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kaua'i Taking Out the Trash

The landfill on Kaua'i is almost full...

R.I.P. New Orleans Photographer Michael Smith

New Orleans photographer Michael Smith, who documented every JazzFest from its inception in 1970 until his retirement in 2004, has died at age 71.

"A New Orleans native, Smith documented the traditions of the city’s Mardi Gras Indians, jazz funerals, second line parades, social aid and pleasure clubs and spiritual churches throughout his legendary career. His photos also document the careers of countless New Orleans musicians of all genres, performing in large venues and neighborhood clubs, including Tipitina’s, the iconic club of which he was an original owner.

"When I'm out there on the streets or in a club, I'm enjoying myself in the authentic environment of New Orleans culture, but I'm also acting out an obsession with documenting as much as I can about the music," Smith said in 1995 Times-Picayune article."

Papa's Cats Saved

KEY WEST, Fla. -- The famed six-toed cats at Ernest Hemingway's island home aren't going anywhere.

Ruby Saturday

M83: The Thousand-Ruby Galaxy
Color Composite: Davide De Martin (Skyfactory)
Credit: European Southern Observatory Science Archive

Explanation: Big, bright, and beautiful, spiral galaxy M83 lies a mere twelve million light-years away, near the southeastern tip of the very long constellation Hydra. Prominent spiral arms traced by dark dust lanes and blue star clusters lend this galaxy its popular name of the Southern Pinwheel. But reddish star forming regions that dot the sweeping arms highlighted in this sparkling color composite also suggest another nickname, The Thousand-Ruby Galaxy.

About 40,000 light-years across, M83 is a member of a group of galaxies that includes active galaxy Centaurus A. The core of M83 itself is bright at x-ray energies, showing a high concentration of neutron stars and black holes left from an intense burst of star formation. The sharp image, based on archival data from the European Southern Observatory's Wide Field Imager camera, also features spiky foreground Milky Way stars and distant background galaxies.

Led Zepp Reunion?

Led Zeppelin are planning a full tour for next summer, with singer Robert Plant set to rejoin the band, according to reports in The Sun.

R.I.P. Paul Newman

Paul Newman, the Academy-Award winning superstar who personified cool as an activist, race car driver, popcorn impresario and the anti-hero of such films as "Hud," "Cool Hand Luke" and "The Color of Money," has died. He was 83.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

BYU and the Rainbow Warriors will resume their football rivlary in a couple of years, with home-and-home games in Honolulu and SLC.

Saturday Music Digest

Review of a new live DVD featuring the great Lionel Hampton:


Nick Cave sighted


Learn guitar online


A young jazz vocalist from South Africa is wowing them in Europe:


And speaking of African tunes, a new anthology:


Friday, September 26, 2008

Scary Flying Story

A Swiss adventurer using a homemade jet-propelled wing has flown across the English Channel from France in less than 10 minutes.

Any glide ratio less than 1:1 is called falling.

New Pearl Harbor Museum

Coming in 2010...

Tough Sledding

Last weekend was free kite day on Governors Island. Sadly, one slight problem. No wind.

A Hunka Burnin' Love

A chat with Big Al Anderson! Al and his great band The Balls have just announced they will be back again for what seems to be an annual event, a New Year's Eve show at the Iron Horse in western Massachusetts.

Friday Music Digest

One of our favorite groups since the early 1990s has been the subdudes from New Orleans (by way of Colorado). Normally an electric band, they are about to go acoustic!


Taj Mahal is celebrating his 40th year in music. And the former longtime Kaua'i resident has miles to go before he sleeps.


Another Marsalis brother goes Brazilian-


BeanTown Jazz hits the bricks


And a look at the latest from Ungar and Mason:


Thursday, September 25, 2008

10 Best Love Songs?

You be the judge!

Soukous In the Congo

Many music fans have no idea that Hawai'ian steel guitar music has been a major inspiration and later an integral part of Afro-Pop music for decades. Ask King Sunny Ade!

Newno 2

George Harrison's son Dhani is on tour...

Preserving Hawai'i's Native Seabird

Hawai'i's largest population of Newell's Shearwaters live on Kauai. That's mostly because there are no mongoose on the Garden Isle.

Prince Albert In a Can?

An auction at the resort named after Prince Albert.

Photo Gallery-Kaua'i Sugar

As the Garden Isle sugar industry nears an end, a photo appreciation...

Thursday Music Digest

Coming sometime in the next few months on PBS, a show about Kamaka ukuleles


New film unites Guitar Gods


Flautist James Gallaway branches out into Latin Jazz


Upcoming music biopics


Blazing a blues trail in Mississippi:


And another gab with Uncle Tom Moffatt


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Scary Flying Story #297

"Derrick Lining first noticed something wrong with the short commuter flight from Honolulu as it approached Hawaii's Big Island.

"When I noticed we weren't descending I told my wife - I mentioned to her I think something is kind of weird with this flight pattern," he told a local TV station."

Fixing the Arizona Memorial

A contract to do work on the USS Arizona Memorial is in the books.

Fall Hawai'i Flights Up

But of course airfares are up too.

A Drive on H-3

Click on the post title for a nice drive on the H-3 on O'ahu.

More Sugar!

A detailed look at the demise of consumer sugarcane production on the Garden Isle, and also the continued production of same on the Valley Isle.

New O'ahu Traffic Cams

19 new traffic cams will soon be added to the Kam and Likelike highways in Kane'ohe, where the traffic jams are legendary!

Wednesday Music Digest

Jim Boggia has a new song about a beloved band


Another great band name-Doom Jazz


A final wrapup of Monterey Jazz 2008:


The drunken lounge singer as high art


And a tribute to the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Hundred Years Later

"One hundred years ago this afternoon, the New York Giants and the Chicago Cubs played a game that can still be found on baseball's figurative Mount Rushmore, next to the Bobby Thompson home run game, the Sandy Amoros catch game, Don Larsen's perfect game, and the game where Carlton Fisk waved it fair.

No one who played in or saw the game is alive. The Polo Grounds, where it was played, was demolished a half century ago. Doesn't matter. Some games just endure."

"New" Randall Hall Update

More of the original Randall Hall granite slabs are in place around the windows...

Obligatory Scary Flying Story

Back in 1963, Stanley Kramer made a little film about a batch of crazy treasure-hunters. One of the highlights of "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" was the great sub-plot in the middle when Mickey Rooney and Buddy Hackett convince pilot Jim Backus to take them up in his plane so they can beat the others to the treasure.

The result was several of the wildest scary flying sequences ever filmed, all flown by the legendary stunt pilot Frank Tallman. After Thurston Howell the Third gets drunk and then passes out after hitting his head, Buddy and Mickey have to take over flying the plane, a Beechcraft D-18.

They end up flying thru an open airplane hanger (which was actually at the Sonoma County airport in northern California, one of the only scenes not done in the southern part of the state), and also fly thru a billboard, which was in reality made of flimsy styrofoam and balsa wood. However, when Tallman flew the plane thru, the foam and balsa clogged the air intake on one of the engines, and he had to make an emergency landing!
Later in the film, Buddy and Mickey finally land the plane at an airport where the crash fire squad are three guys named Moe, Larry and Curly Joe...

Clicking on the post title will take you to an excellent "Mad World" tribute site, which includes a lot of info about the famous plane, which sadly no longer exists.

"Vog" May Relocate Farmers

The State of Hawai'i might need to help some farmers move away from Kilauea volcano so they can escape the effects of vog and stay in business...

Congo Square Rhythm Festival

A look at the second annual Congo-Fest, which this year had to be moved from Armstrong Park (due to ongoing construction work) to Bayou St. Jean. There will be 4 different troupes of Mardi Gras Indians, along with other musicians and lots of great food!

First Day of Autumn on Saddle Hill

This is looking southeast, which would mean that this is the northwest side.

The summit of Saddle Hill is just over 1500 feet above sea level and has a great view to the north and east. There's even a small shelter there, built in the early 1970s.

My location is on the left in the distance. Behind the upper left branch.

Makaha Sons Hit New Hampshire

The Sons played on the Seacoast Saturday night in a benefit concert, and then Monday went to a local school to sing and teach hula! Auwe!

Tuesday Music Digest

Jazzman Charlie Haden, who's played with everyone from Mahavishnu to Ringo, goes back to his...country roots?


Going for baroque in New Orleans


Randy Newman pops up again


Pops' son Cyril hits da Mainland


And R.I.P. to bluesman Nappy Brown


Monday, September 22, 2008

Sail On Sailor (USCG)

Wags is a Governors Island Kamaa'ina

ROTA, Spain, Sept. 22, 2008 – Civilian leaders who visited here today had seen the Coast Guard in action in U.S. waterways, patrolling ports and harbors, interdicting drug smugglers, and sometimes conducting heroic search-and-rescue missions as depicted in the movie, “The Guardian.”

So Coast Guard Capt. Robert Wagner, commander of Coast Guard Cutter Dallas, greeted Joint Civilian Orientation Conference participants here today with the rhetorical question he knew all had on their minds: “What is the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Dallas doing in Rota, Spain?”

In addition to its historic role protecting U.S. coastlines from external threats while promoting safe navigation, the Coast Guard has had a little-known or -understood role supporting U.S. combatant commanders overseas for the past 15 years, Wagner told the group.

“We are an armed force of the military at all times, and our missions are global,” he said. “U.S. interests don’t stop at our borders, so the Coast Guard pretty much hits all seven continents.”

42 Years Later

The real reason why Israel banned The Beatles from performing there in 1966...

A Fight to the Pulp

Report from the 2nd annual Rotten Tomato Fight in Milwaukee...

The End of Kodachrome?

I shot a few rolls of Kodachrome slides on my trip to Hawai'i in 2003. The pictures were far superior to those from my Canon Powershot.

As Paul Simon sang:

They give us those nice bright colors
They give us the greens of summer
Makes you think all the world’s a sunny day, oh yeah
I got a Nikon camera
I love to take a photograph
So Mama don't take my Kodachrome away"

US Economic Downturn Hits Hawai'i

From Radio Australia.

Monday Music Digest

Steve Earle sighting:


New album from The Bridge


Exploring the musical world of steel guitar:


Dueling jazz legends- Marsalis and Shorter.


Pink Floyd bandmate Nick Mason recalls Richard Wright:


And Ringo announces the 2008 All Starr Band Photo Contest


Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Dilemma For Kalaupapa

The impending Sainthood of Father Damien is being eyed warily by the remaining residents of the colony...

Air Dogs!

A look at the Southern Air Dog contest in the Florida Panhandle. Click the post title for the main story, and there will be a link there for another page with additional photos.

"Waterfalls" Still Attracting NYC Visitors

Despite the greatly reduced operating hours the New York City Waterfalls are still drawing a crowd.

Another Big Isle Earthquake

Under the volcano, of course.

Sunday Music Digest

Ukulele fest! The George Formby Society meets in Britain. Formby was an idol of George Harrison, who bought his banjolele.


A new film exposes some myths about John Lennon-


Exploring trombones in New Orleans


A look at an Alabama fiddlers' convention:


And R.I.P. to South African guitarist George Lee


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Guitar Fest

REM's Peter Buck's Rickenbacker guitar, recently stolen, has been returned.

Famous Amos Goes to Waikiki

Kailua cookie maven Wally Amos has opened a new outlet on Waikiki Beach.

R.I.P. Drummer Earl Palmer

New Orleans drummer Earl Palmer, who played on a slew of ground-breaking Crescent City classics like Little Richard's "Tutti Frutti" and later was a legendary L.A. session drummer on hits like Ike and Tina's "River Deep, Mountain High", has left the building at age 84.

Earl showed up several years ago as a guest on the documentary that "Simpsons" executive producer Mike Scully made about his favorite rock band, NRBQ. Earl said that the Q's Tommy Ardolino was one of the finest drummers he had ever seen!

Earl at work:


Saturday Music Digest

N'Orleans voted best food and music destination:


A music fan in Israel can't afford a ticket to see Sir Paul there!


Long live Satchmo


Pigboy Crabshaw makes jam


More on Hari Georgeson's banjolele:


And a music fest today in Vermont


Friday, September 19, 2008

Hurricane Ike Update

"When the waves from Hurricane Ike receded, they left behind a mystery — a ragged shipwreck that archeologists say could be a two-masted Civil War schooner that ran aground in 1862 or another ship from some 70 years later."

Sky Pilots

The latest additions to the Aerospace Walk of Honor include original Mercury 7 astronaut Leroy Gordon "Gordo" Cooper Jr.; Apollo 11 command module pilot Michael Collins; and the first female space shuttle commander, retired Air Force Col. Eileen M. Collins, will add their names to the 90 already honored with plaques along Lancaster Boulevard.

The three astronauts will be joined by test pilots Irving L. "Irv" Burrows, who piloted the first flight of the F-15 Eagle fighter jet, and retired Air Force Col. Joe Schiele, who was heavily involved in aviation technology development and flight research programs.

New Report-Tough Sledding for Hawai'i Economy

A new economic forecast predicts visitor arrivals to Hawaii will tumble this year and the state economy won't recover until 2010. ...

Kam School to Sell Land Leases

Many homes in the 50th State sit on land owned by someone else. Some of that land is now for sale.

"He's A Hometown Guy Who Made It"

A review of last weekend's free concert by longtime NRBQ guitar giant Big Al Anderson and The Balls in Al's hometown of Windsor CT. It was in celebration of Windsor's 375th birthday.

After leaving the 'Q, Al moved to Music City, where he started writing hit songs for people like Vince Gill, Leann Rimes, and Tim McGraw. Last time I saw him "live" was 4 years ago, at the NRBQ 35th Anniversary Reunion concert. Next year is #40!

Friday Music Digest

Corky Siegel sighted!


Raising funds for an upstate NY jazz radio station:


Great name for a new band (too long to print here!)


Brah Hugh Masekela sets an example...


Meanwhile, Hughie's ex wins an award:


More info on the upcoming N'Orleans muzit fest in England:


And Leonard Bernstein meets Michael Tilson Thomas


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bettye's Blues

A nice interview with a lost music legend, Betty Lavette, who will be playing in Nova Scotia this weekend.

New Orleans Music Pops the Pond

Coming to London in late October, the O2 Arena will host its first ever free music festival, celebrating the music of New Orleans. The same weekend, the New Orleans Saints will be in town to play a NFL game against the San Diego Lightning Bolts.

Scheduled to appear: Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, Buckwheat Zydeco, Marcia Ball, BeauSoleil Avec Michael Doucet, ReBirth Brass Band and Kermit Ruffins and the Barbecue Swingers.

Hawai'i Reef Health Report

They're in pretty good shape...

R.I.P. Norman Whitfield

Norman Whitfield, songwriter and producer who co-wrote a string of Motown classics including “War,” “Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)” and “I Heard It Through the Grapevine,” has died. He was 67.

Thursday Music Digest

Monterey Jazz on disc:


Speaking of jazz, it's almost time for the annual Berklee Bean Town Jazz Festival in Boston. Part of it will be held at Fenway Park!


The Derailers roll merrily along:


A new stupid music band debuts in California-


And a look at the Masters of New Orleans clarinet:


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Picture Book

"Twenty-three vintage Bob Dylan poems will be included in the upcoming book Hollywood Foto-Rhetoric: The Lost Manuscript, according to Rolling Stone.

The poems were written in 1968 for the book which feature classic Hollywood photos by photographer Barry Feinstein. Feinstein is best known for shooting the cover of Dylan's 1963 album The Times They Are A-Changin', George Harrison's All Things Must Pass, Janis Joplin's Pearl, and many more legendary rock shots."

DVD Alert: "Love"

"All Together Now" faithfully recounts how the LOVE project came into being, borne from the personal friendship between George Harrison and Cirque du Soleil ...

Aye, Golf!

Chasing golf balls...

Ruth Grace Moulon R.I.P.

RUTHIE the DUCK GIRL, a holdover from a time when colorful characters were as much a part of everyday life in New Orleans' French Quarter as beignets and cafe au lait, has died. She was 74.

Ruthie, whose real name was Ruth Grace Moulon, was an eccentric who zoomed from bar to bar on roller skates, often wearing a ratty fur coat or wedding gown and trailed by a string of her beloved ducks.

The Grateful Dead in Egypt

In 1978, the Dead played several shows at the Pyramids. Now the best of these performances have been remastered and are coming out on 2 CDs, with a bonus DVD with 13 songs from the third show, which took place during a lunar eclipse!

Wanted: Half a Million Ti Leaves

The caretakers of Kamehameha the Great's personal residence in Kailua-Kona want 500000 ti leaves to restore a roof...

"Jaws" Inspiration Dies in Honolulu

Frank Mundus, RIP

Wednesday Music Digest

LOVE in Dallas


Report from the 3rd Annual Aloha Tower Ukulele Fest


Sir Paul will defy death threats and play in Israel:


Music review-another side of Bob Dylan


A doctor who treated George Harrison leaves a big mess in New York


And why these rock star deaths are depressing


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Sons Head to NH

from Richard Savastano of Kikenei Productions:

"An Evening of Aloha with the Makaha Sons and Friends, presented by Cinnamon Rainbows Surf Company will return to the Meehan Center for the Performing Arts at the Cooperative Middle School in Stratham/Exeter, NH on Saturday, September 20 at 7PM.

The night of music will include hula performances by Hui Na Kawaiuaili and Kealo Koko, with musical performances by Margo Reola, Barry Kimokeo, three time Grammy Award Winner Daniel Ho and the Makaha Sons."

Flags On The 48

(Mt. Jackson, from MWM Observatory)

Starting on September 11, 2002, an intrepid group of hikers began to honor the memory of the victims of 9/11 by flying American flags from the summit of the major peaks over 4,000' tall here in New Hampshire's White Mountains. In 2004, for the first time, all 48 peaks were summited and "flagged" on the same day.

This past Thursday, they set out again, and the weather was perfect (except for the summit of Mt. Adams, of course!). Click on the post title to get to the home page of the 48 folks, and then click on the gallery link. Since it's only been a few days since 9/11, some of the images haven't been posted yet.

News From Mt. Washington

(PD photo from Wikimedia)

The weekend before last, the Mt. Washington Cog Railway dedicated their brand-new diesel locomotive! For the preceding 139 years, all of the locos on "The Cog" were coal fired (except for the original loco, Old Peppersass, which burned wood and is still on display at the Base Station).

This new loco is named "Wajo Nanatasis", which is Abenaki for "Mountain Hummingbird". It burns biodiesel, and is not just cleaner, but faster-the round trip now takes 2 hours instead of 3.

Click on the post title for more info, including a few pictures of the old-timer locos, one of which has also been modified to burn biodiesel.

CD Review: "Reddhead"

Here's a review of the new CD by Texas guitar giant Redd Volkaert, whom I saw (and photographed) a few weeks ago at Lowell...

Tuesday Music Digest

Woody Guthrie: original folk music


Carlos Santana sighting-


5 "essential" rock movies:


Chris Botti plays with the Boston Pops


Festival Miami 2008


And "coastal cowboys" Down Under...


Monday, September 15, 2008

Gate: Washed Away by Ike?

"Hurricane Katrina chased bluesman Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown from his adopted home in New Orleans to his hometown here on the Texas Gulf Coast, where he died in exile. Now, another hurricane has disturbed his rest.

The 1982 Grammy Award winner's casket was one of dozens belched up by the ground when gulf and rain waters from Hurricane Ike flooded Hollywood Cemetery, an all-black burial ground on the west side of this city on the Sabine River....The top of Brown's vault had popped off, and his bronze casket had floated away. But three jars of Bama grape jelly remained by his aluminum marker, no doubt left by a fan of his instrumental classic "Grape Jelly."

The New NYC "Hot Spot"

"It is a place rich with history and surprises: Over here are the cannons at Fort Jay that date to the Civil War, and over there, the Coast Guard may be gone but its blue street signs remain."

Kailua Throws a Party

Recap of this past weekend's street party...

Kailua Old-Timers to Talk Story

"Before urbanization and tract homes, and before the population moved closer to the beach, Kailua's center was at the entrance to Maunawili Valley, where stores prospered and farmers worked."

Click the post title-the story includes a nice early picture of Matsuda's store, which gave way to the Castle Medical Center in 1960.

RIP Pink Floyd's Richard Wright

"Founding Pink Floyd member Richard Wright has died at the age of 65. The keyboardist’s spokesman told the BBC Wright had been battling cancer for some time."

Monday Music Digest

Music review of one of the early Them albums


The lost Beatles album:


A review of the new CD by former Kaua'i resident Taj Mahal:


Jazz music with strings attached-


Key player-Dave Brubeck


And a review of Terence Blanchard's recent set at Tanglewood...


Off the Air!

The remains of Hurricane Ike blew thru here this morning, and I do mean "blow". High winds blew numerous trees and tree limbs down, and all sorts of people statewide lost their power, including us folks here on Saddle Hill. The wind has died down, and the lights are now back on.

I took advantage of the blackout to do some electrical wiring repair work! Saved me having to shut off the power myself...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kidnapped Gorilla Back in Maine

Seamore, the mechanical gorilla kidnapped from Maine over the Labor Day weekend and later found abandoned in Vermont, returns home.

A Real Estate "Kamaaina"

The story of "Aloha Bob", who's been selling real estate in Hawai'i and California since the 1950s.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

All of the NASCAR folks are here in NH this weekend for the Sylvania 300, which will take place later Sunday afternoon. Luckily the rain has exited but the track will still be slick.

I snapped this view of Junior Earnhardt's traveling hootnenanny on Thursday in Tilton.

Blurred Out

51 sites Google Maps won't show you.

New Books from Hawai'i

Including a new history of Kaua'i...

Sunday Music Digest

Sighted: a true American music original, John Prine:


A salute to Patsy Cline-


"Live Music Nation" in Jamaica


Midnight's children in the Big Easy:


And a chat with dobro-man Jerry Douglas


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Mel Day

An appreciation of today's birthday boy, Mel Torme

"[G]iven the breadth of his talents, he might have been a bandleader since, in addition to singing, he was also a drummer good enough to have gotten offers to go on the road as early as his teens, a songwriter responsible for one of the perennial Christmas standards, and an arranger who wrote the charts for much of the music he performed.

Amazingly, this is still only a partial list of his accomplishments, which also included acting in more than a dozen feature films and on radio and television; hosting radio and TV shows; and writing television dramas, numerous articles for periodicals including Down Beat and The New York Times, and six published books of fiction, biography, and music criticism."


A Trip Down Abbey Road

"Ringo Starkey"?

Saturday Music Digest

Another report from Monterey Jazz:


Hot Club of Cowtown pops the pond:


Mood music by the sea:


Another artiste using the ukulele


And how to play the blues (guitar)


Nick Danger Update

As mentioned a few days back, Shout! Factory will be releasing the epic "Box of Danger" box set in a couple of weeks, the best-to-date release of the classic Firesign Theatre material.

Late word in from Phil "Rocky Roccoco" Proctor is that the release will also include a 40 page book with rare pictures and (best of all!) fresh essays from the 4 or 5 crazy guys. "In character, of course."

Friday, September 12, 2008

"Circle Gets the Square!"

Probe is turning on the people, indeed.

His latest music fest (click post title)-assorted recordings by "Hollywood Squares" personalities. You'll find Charlie Weaver, Paul Lynde, and even George Gobel!

Beam Me Over, Scotty!

"Former NASA executive and physicist John Mankins captured solar energy from a mountain top in Maui and beamed it 92 miles to the main island of Hawaii.

Tonight at 10 pm EDT Discovery Channel will air an episode of Project Earth on the recent first-of-its-kind experiment. This long range demonstration of wireless power transmission was also a key step toward space-based solar power satellites. The team also beamed the power almost 100 times farther than NASA's major 1970's power transmission in the Mojave Desert in California."

Another George Harrison Axe Uncovered

George's gold-plated "banjolele", a cross between a banjo and a ukulele...

The Weather With Al!

New Hampshire Business Review talks with looney-toon gasbag meteorologist Al Kaprelian. Al talks weather, but also gabs about the Lowell Folk Festival, where he kindly posed for me about a month and a half ago...

A Visit to "The Rock"

Here's perhaps one of the best picture visits to Governors Island in New York harbor. The pics were taken in 2004.

New CD Release by The Shaggs

Semi-legendary girl group The Shaggs was formed here in New Hampshire in 1968. They only released one album, 1969's "Philosophy of the World". All four members were sisters, the Wiggins, from the tiny town of Fremont.

Skip ahead to 1980, when Terry Adams and Tommy Ardolino of NRBQ (bless 'em), both longtime Shaggs fans, convinced their label at the time, Rounder, to reissue the album. Rolling Stone called it the "comeback of the year". Two years later, the compilation "Shaggs Own Things" came out. The latter has just been released for the first time ever on CD, in Japan, and is now available thru the NRBQ website-click post title for details.

More on the strange history of the sisters here:


Governors Island Visitors Double in 2008

Up to over 100,000!

Shark Attack Survivor Tells His Story

Finicky shark?

Delta to Restore Aloha-land Flights

In October!

Friday Music Digest

VH1 kicks off a new music series looking at assorted US cities:


David Lindley sighted-


"Festival New Orleans" hits London:


Hamburg Germany finally gets a memorial to The Beatles


World Festival of Sacred Music


And New Orleans JazzFest creator George Wein reflects...


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hikers Drown in Slot Canyon

Escalante Staircase area.

The Jazz Age Comes to Governors Island

A lawn and garden party...

9/11 Music Digest

Lots of jazz news today...

Vince Gill leads a tribute concert to "Time Jumper" steel guitarist John Hughley. We saw John and the Jumpers play at Lowell 3 years ago; sad to say he left the building in November of 2007.


Searching for obscure jazz on vinyl


The 16th Isle of Man Jazz Fest kicks off:


And the first-ever Mano'a Jazz Fest in Hawai'i also starts:


And finally, REM's Peter Buck has his signature guitar stolen after a show in Scandinavia-bastards!


Never Forget

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shark Attack

"A 40-year old windward Oahu resident was attacked by a shark today while surfing in Kaaawa."

Sugar Production to End on Kaua'i

Gay & Robinson will shift to growing crops for ethanol. They're located on the southwest side of the island and have been in the sugar business for 116 years.

Aerosmith Lawsuit Headed for Trial

This is a legal action taken by some fans after the band (which was founded here in New Hampshire, by the way) cancelled a show on Mau'i in 2007. The trial will start next May.

New 9/11 Memorial Design for NY City Announced

Includes a theatre and cafe...

Court Backs Ban on SuperFerry Protestors

But will the SF return to the Garden Isle?

Hawaiian Music Digest

Yet another in an occasional series:

Here's a preview of the free shows Kaua'i slack-keyer Cindy Combs will be doing at O'ahu public libraries; the presentation is called "Music From the Hawaiian Renaissance"...


Another feature on century-old ukulele man Bill Taipia


And another ukulele master from the Islands, Roy Sakuma. Includes a video!


09/10/08 Music Digest

Report from a Beatles convention:


Indie music fans have low self-esteem?


A bass guitar version of "Guitar Hero"


DVD review: John Mayall live!


Pete Best Band starts US tour


And a Marsalis meets Duke Ellington...


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Swim Around O'ahu

"It's a surface swim, to bring attention to garbage on the bottom of the ocean. Surfer Alec Cooke wants to be the first to swim around Oahu, outfitted with a mask, snorkel and fins."

Scary Flying Story

Searching the High Sierra for Steve Fossett's missing plane...

"How could this iconic aviator plummet from the sky without a trace? How could one of the largest and most intensive searches in modern history fail to yield results? The answer, experts say, is that a plane wreck is one of the hardest needles to find in a rugged haystack -- especially the Sierra."

Big Isle Lava Lake

Here's a famous 1924 picture of the Kileaua caldera erupting.

Background: Several months ago, a vent opened explosively in Halemaumau, the crater inside the caldera of Kileaua volcano. Halemaumau used to be famous (notably due to a description from Mark Twain) as the location of a lava lake, fairly easily accessible by visitors. The lava lake disappeared in 1924 during a series of explosive phreatic eruptions (steam and hot rock). The lake has appeared briefly since then, such as in 1967.

Click on the post title for a Quicktime movie showing the 2008 activity.

Latest updates here:


Join Hands Moloka'i

A festival report from the Friendly Isle.

Another Ulupo Heaiau Cleanup

In Kailua...

Tuesday Music Digest

More on the King of Strings, Rickenbacker Guitars


Sighted: 1960s group The Swingin' Medallions


A musical tragedy in New Orleans:


Ganyau, a new jazz group from Africa, releases its debut:


The US Postal Service issues a new Latin Jazz stamp-


And the Blind Boys of Alabama go "Down By The Riverside"


Monday, September 8, 2008

Encore For a Strad

"The e-mail came to Frank Almond from out of the blue. It said, basically: I have a Stradivarius violin. Want to see it? "

"New" Randall Hall Update

Those slabs of granite around each window are from the OLD Randall Hall!

Not Fade Away

"Erosion at Kailua Beach has reached startling proportions, revealing a 60-foot-long sand trap installed 30 years ago."

Out of the Park

The physics of hitting a home run...

Affordable Kaua'i

The Garden Isle on the cheap. But they missed one-free coffee samples at the Kaua'i Coffee Company Visitor Center!

Chicken to Go?

The Kaua'i Humane Society has started to charge $5 each to pick up feral chickens, which as anyone who's visited the Garden Isle knows are everywhere.

Monday Music Digest

A Beatles Festival in...Indonesia?http://old.thejakartapost.com/detailfeatures.asp?fileid=20080907.H01&irec=10

A look at BB King's new CD:


A birthplace of recorded jazz music-Richmond, Indiana!


A look at Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival


Father-and-son guitar makers in Florida:


And another appreciation of Jerry Reed-


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hawai'i and Electric Cars

From Israel:

"With the automobile industry lobby, and US driving habits keeping doors to the US still firmly shut, cars running on alternative fuel sources are now looking for a backdoor entrance to that market. Among those currently looking for such on such an entrance is Project Better Place which is now in advanced negotiations with the state government of Hawaii on the adoption of its electric car and battery charging infrastructure."

O'ahu's Other Beaches

Beyond Waikiki....


An interesting music fest upcoming in Fran Sanfrisco...

Milky Way Road Trip

Credit & Copyright: Tunç Tezel (TWAN)

Explanation: In search of planets and the summer Milky Way, astronomer Tunç Tezel took an evening road trip. Last Saturday, after driving the winding road up Uludag, a mountain near Bursa, Turkey, he was rewarded by this beautiful skyview to the south. Near the center, bright planet Jupiter outshines the city lights below and the stars of the constellation Sagittarius. Above the mountain peaks, an arcing cloud bank seems to lead to the Milky Way's own cloudy apparition plunging into the distant horizon. In Turkish, Uludag means Great Mountain. Uludag was known in ancient times as the Mysian Olympus.

Beaches Open Again

No sharks found at Kailua...

A Clapton Guitar Solo

On Septermber 6, 1968 Eric Clapton recorded his guitar solo on The Beatles' "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".

Echoes of Monk

The Monk-Overton big-band

Kailua Beach Closed After Shark Sighting

And a possible body?

09/07/08 Music Digest

The next "Guitar Hero" will feature Smashing Pumpkins


R.I.P. Hawaiian musician George Young


A "Blues Brother" from England? Meet "Seasick Steve"


Preview of the upcoming Voodoo Music Experience in the Big Easy:


Downtown music VS Uptown music?


And a review of a new performance DVD by Rahsaan Roland Kirk-


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Latest Wireless News

Some listener reports from Glenn Hauser (click post title for entire report).

Here are the latest loggings from a longtime shotwave listener.

Opie checks in:

BHUTAN. 6035, BBS, continues to lose audio during their English segment. Sept 2, at 1411 heard "That was the news from BBS", their usual EZL musical selection, weather forecast: rain tomorrow and cloudy, gives the national temperature, rechecked at 1433 to find only the BBS open carrier; Sept 3, audio stopped at 1421 (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

CHINA. 7225, Sichuan PBS-2, 1512-1516*, Sept 4, indigenous music with singing/chanting, fair, // 6060 (weak), not // to Sichuan PBS-1 on 9740 (under BBC) which continued on past 1516. Was nice to finally hear this in the clear, as pre-1500 there is always very heavy QRM from VOA (in Korean) (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA)

LAOS. 6130, Lao National Radio, Aug 22, typical 1200 format: indigenous music, gong/bell rung slowly seven times (7:00 PM Laos Standard Time), followed by anthem, fair, audio clip posted to DXLD yg files section: "Station Sounds" (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA)

TIBET. 6200, PBS-Lhasa, 1340-1404, Sept 6, for the first time since the Wenchuan earthquake of May 12, this frequency heard without the CNR-1 relay during this time period, // 4905 and 4920, all three frequencies had the same terrible audio problems, extremely muffled (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA)


Tropical Storm Hanna arrives in the Northeast! Click on post title for updates via WX Underground. Thanks to same for the radar cap.

Hawai'i Tall Ship Saved From Scuttling?

"She was due to be scuttled last week, plunged to the depths of the seas she has plied for 130 years.

For months the Falls of Clyde, one of just five surviving Scottish-built Tall Ships, has lain in her Hawaii berth under a death sentence.

Yesterday, campaigners won a stay of execution".

Below the Volcano

Hawai'i Magazine reports on the discovery of a lake of lava!

Cleaning Up Bellows Field

About 2 miles from where our family lived in Kailua, Bellows Field was one of the first airstrips attacked by the Japanese on December 7th. It's been dormant for years, and now its landfill is finally getting cleaned up.

"Hey Jude" Turns 40

It was 40 years ago this week that a 45 in a black sleeve was released.

Interesting factoid-much of "Hey Jude" was not recorded at Abbey Road, but instead at London's Trident Studios.

Saturday Music Digest

George Wein works to preserve the legacy of the Newport Festivals:


A fusion of two musics-Swedish and Hawaiian?


Don't Shoot the Piano Player!


A preview of the National Women in Blues Fest


And another musical fusion-jazz meets Japanese rock!


Friday, September 5, 2008

"New" Randall Hall Update

Thick as a brick! This is from a week ago; I will have a more recent shot shortly.

Coast Guard Chopper Crashes Off Honolulu

One crew member still missing...


The early report I link to in the post title was incorrect. 3 Coasties dead, one missing.

Regnad Kcin!

The collected works of Nick Danger, "Box of Danger" is being released by SHOUT! Factory on September 30.

Friday Music Digest

The Real McCoy (Tyner, that is)


Larry Coryell sighting:


A visit to Beale Street in Memphis


Bayou Boogie!


And a new show about African musical madman Fela


Thursday, September 4, 2008

September Sidebar

8 AM on Roxbury Road in the mystical "Chemung" section of Meredith NH; this section is what we here in NH call a "roller coaster road". Note the tree leaning right over the pathway; this is protected as this is a Designated Scenic Road.

There is in fact a real Roller Coaster Road in the adjoining city of Laconia, but all of the rollers and coasters are long gone...

Uke Till You Puke


Studying the Oceans

"Artificial upwelling"?

Thursday Music Digest

A rock and roll auction


Drumming in N'Orleans


The latest Stupid Music news from Asleep at the Wheel:


DVD review of a Cannonball Adderly concert-


And some Cuban roots music


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Waterfall DVD

Filmed somewhere in the 50th state, with interesting music backing.

Morning On The Gaza Strip

About 5 miles due south from Saddle Hill as the crow flies is the Sanbornton hamlet of GAZA, not to be confused with the one in the Middle East.

Gaza is noted for two things-NH Route 127 either begins or ends here, with its other terminus way down in Merrimack County some 40 or so miles away.

But Gaza is best known as the earthquake capitol of New Hampshire. They had a 4.4 in 1984, which I remember well.

Click on post title for Gaza ground moving info.

O'ahu Home Sales Drop 33%

Auwe! The good news-median prices were only down slightly.

Mike and Mac and The White Cliffs of Dover

A Kailua father and daughter attempt to swim the English Channel, with mixed results.

Click on post title for the news report, and below for the official website of Mike and Mac.


Ravi Shankar Starts European Farewell Tour

As George Harrison called him, "the godfather of world music".

"Love" in Montreal

The Beatles/Cirque de Soleil show is documented in a new film, soon to open in Montreal.

Cleaning Up Koke'e

The YMCA will be doing cleanup in the Kaua'i wilderness and is looking for volunteers...

Wednesday Music Digest

Wynton Marsalis moves jazz to "Higher Ground"


A look back at the "Rumble in the Jungle"


Another sighting of century-old Hawaiian ukulele legend Bill Taipia


NOISE ships musical instruments to the Big Easy:


And a review of a new reissue-the Moody Blues live at the Isle of Wight!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hawai'i National Park Visitors Down 15%

"Overall, the biggest declines were seen at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park"

RIP Guitarist Jerry Reed

"Jerry Reed, country music’s howling virtuoso and a star of stage, studio and screen, has died. Born Jerry Reed Hubbard, Mr. Reed suffered from emphysema and was in hospice care. He was 71, and he leaves an unparalleled legacy of laughter and song.

By the time Mr. Reed came to popular attention as Burt Reynolds’ truck-driving sidekick “The Snowman” in the Hollywood trilogy Smokey and the Bandit, he was already a musical deity to the guitar players who admired the syncopated flurries he unleashed with a casual gleam. He was also a hit recording artist by that time, having topped the charts with “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot” and “Lord, Mr. Ford,’ and having written songs for Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Porter Wagoner, Brenda Lee and others. Then there was his work as session guitarist for Presley, Waylon Jennings, Bobby Bare and many others."

Tanglewood Jazz Festival Review

About 3 hours down the road from Saddle Hill in the Berkshires, Tanglewood paid tribute in music to New Orleans.

Honolulu Parade of Champions

The annual Labor Day parade...

Tuesday Music Digest

Yet another Air Guitar festival, this one in England


A sculptor in Texas wants to carve Bob Wills


Another guitar thief on the loose


New release from dobro master Jerry Douglas:


A record turnout at Blues by the Bay in California


And a concert review from Chicago of Ornette Coleman


Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Update

Gustav made landfall in SE Louisiana as a Category 2 hurricane, spawning numerous tornadoes from the Florida Panhandle to Louisiana.

Throughout the day, television reporters trained their cameras on New Orleans flood walls and levees, while officials at the Army Corps of Engineers said they believed the barriers would not be breached. Later in the afternoon a private levee outside of New Orleans developed trouble.

Next up? Hanna, which could even end up way up here in New England!

The Fred Harvey Room

A look back at the guy who ran the early concessions at Arizona's Grand Canyon.

O'ahu Water Shortage

Residents asked to conserve water.

John Lennon: The Early Years

A new biopic...


The latest geese-control technology...

Labor Day Music Digest

Lots of jazz festivals these days-this one is in Aspen


Speaking of jazz, meet the Dutch Master


More on Rickenbacker guitars:


Review of some recent reissues-


And friend Dave Gordon, a music recording engineer/producer in Vermont, has some tunes up from his recent Dog Days party!