Sunday, June 30, 2013

Last Day of June Music News You Can Use

Los Lobos get Jiggy at Knucklehead's

A preview of the very first Bay Area Hawaiian Music Festival

Make Jazz Reviewing one of your favorite things

Getting ready to go Ookelele Crazy in Cairns

Frampton's Guitar Circus does the Rochester Jazz Fest

Assorted Jazz notes from New Amsterdam

Getting ready for the 80th birthday of Wayne Shorter

Steve Martin and Edie Brickell find the true heart of bluegrass

Keith Urban jams with Duane Allman

And a happy #65 to Lickette Naomi Ruth Eisenberg

Friday, June 28, 2013

Stormy Friday Music News You Can Use

And the Rain Trains never stop...

The Hag still knows how to Turn Up That Stupid Music

The Cult of Feist

Amanda Palmer (very nearly) goes Dancing in the Nude

Meet the Artiphon 1

A preview of this weekend's Arts Festival in Des Moines

Blowin' in the wind

A preview of the first-ever Mystic Blues Festival this weekend in CT

Time for Wyoming's Donkey Creek Jazz Fest

Meet New Orleans'  Next Generation Big Band

And saying farewell to Bobby Blue Bland

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gone Fishin'

Takin' a day off. Back Wednesday!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Music News You Can Use

Latest Stupid Music News from Texas

Guitar Rock on the comeback?

A visit to Frampton's Guitar Circus

Slowly I turn...

A new music venue in Pennsylvania

Another Playboy Jazz Festival update

The search for signs of Hawaiian life

Herbie Hancock and the music of technology

A visit to Viva Musica!

And R.I.P. to blues great Bobby Blue Bland

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stormy Sunday Music News You Can Use

The 10 best songs about Los Angeles

Los Lobos head to Des Moines for the annual Art Festival|head&nclick_check=1

A review of the new Beach Boys live 2 CD set from last year's 50th Anniversary Tour

A visit to the 2013 Playboy Jazz Festival

The Top 10 Heavy Metal guitar riffs

Previewing Monday's music in NOLA

A new Bobby Whitlock reissue

A preview of today's 22nd annual Slack Key Festival on Mau'i

John Lee Hooker Jr. leaves the blues behind

And a preview of next weekend's Saratoga Jazz wingding

Saturday, June 22, 2013

First Day of Summer Music News You Can Use

Hawai'i comes to this year's Smithsonian Folklife Fest

Checking out the eats at the Firefly Music Fest

It's the folks you can't see

Blues and Kazoo with Mumbo-Jumbo

Are you ready for Uka-Palooza?

New software from Guitar in a Nutshell

It's time for Paulie's NOLA Fest in Worcester

This year's Governor's Ball was a mess

A trip back in time in Alpine

And 5 must-see shows at this year's Toronto Jazz Festival

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Equinox Music News You Can Use

All downhill from here on!

July music @ Wolf Trap

Slack Key Fest Time on Mau'i

Latest Stupid Music News from Hot Club of Cowtown

A visit to the Clive Air Guitar tourney in Iowa

New Orleans Jazz coming to Basking Ridge, where there used to be an airport

Speaking of which, today's music picks for The Crescent City

Battle of the Bands, film-style

10 essential Buddy Guy recordings

A new jazz music app

And another tribute to Yodelin' Slim Whitman

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mid-June Music News You Can Use

How good music and a gas shortage helped create a Honolulu nightclub

Another great new band name: Melt Yourself Down

Jazz in Bloom in The Bahamas

Time for the 2013 Republick Music Fest

A photo gallery of Isle of Wight 2013

Guitars worth leaving behind

Van Dyke Parks sighted in NOLA

How to get tickets for this weekend's Jazz Age Lawn Parties on GI

Checking out this year's Montana Music Festivals

And a sneak peek at next weekend's big New Orleans music fest in MA

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Midweek Music News You Can Use

Uncle Tom Moffatt says R.I.P. to Bernadette Bayot Hernandez, better known as the mother of Bruno Mars

The URI Jazz Band gets picked to play at this year's Newport Jazz Fest

A preview of this summer's concert series at the Honolulu Zoo

Gibson drops "Guitar" from its name

A preview of this weekend's Jersey Gumbo and Music Fest

MINI signs on to sponsor this year's John Lennon Peace Day Concert

Blues in Cherry Hill Park

Seven summer weekend festivals on GI

Ryuichi Sakamoto gets the Chamber Music Treatment

And can jazz survive in the Northwest?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Stormy Tuesday Music News You Can Use

Putting the heart back into jazz

Introducing The Official Sophie Madeline Ookelele Tab Book!

Vivian Campbell has cancer

Hoboken's beloved Maxwell's is closing

R.I.P. to Australian jazz musician and film scorer Murray McNabb

Harry Shearer gets ready to take up residence at Loyola

A preview of this weekend's Music Academy of the American South

Ringo says The Beatles would have reunited

Another report from the Chicago Blues Fest,0,938178.story

And this year's  Discover Jazz Fest closes in Vermont

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Music News You Can Use

Review: Jake Shimabukuro in Greenville

Tlingit lullabies meet Jazz

Keef Richards' 10 coolest guitar riffs

Meet The Nevilles, the multi-generational successors to The Neville Brothers

"It blowed up real good!"

Swamp Blues singer Carol Fran gets her due

A guitar practice tool you can carry in your pocket

A report from this year's Jazz for Joshua fundraiser

A Beatles primer for children

And a report from Night 2 of the Chicago Blues Fest

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Music News You Can Use

Congrats to the Boston Bruins, who now head to the Stanley Cup Finals for the second time in 3 years after a 4 game sweep of the Pittsburgh Penguins!

Uncle Hugh Masekela comes to The Dakota

Remembering the best albums of 1992

Homegrown island music for the soul

Recapping Day 1 of the D.C. Jazz Fest

Some musical students get nominated for an unsung hero award

Foreclosure hits the Nashville Symphony

A preview of this weekend's Global Soul Music Fest in Taos

The Connecticut Blues Society Band Challenge Finals come to West Hartford

A guitar stolen 13 years ago is reunited with its owner via eBay

And Christian McBride says music is about people, not Grammys

Friday, June 7, 2013

Stormy Friday Music News You Can Use

More on Uncle Hugh Masekela's trip to Trinidad & Tobago,178758.html

A preview of this weekend's Figment Fest on Governors Island. Will probably be rained out.

A Nina Simone biopic is in the works

Streaming away your blues

Previewing the 2013 Guitar Workshop Plus lineup

A report from this year's Melbourne Jazz Festival

The fastest path to guitar godliness

A preview of the 20th annual Hula Festival in Kalispell

Vermont's Discover Festival starts its final 4 days

And fond memories of New Orleans' Shim Sham Club

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday Music News You Can Use

Upcoming music events in Detroit

Uncle Led and Uncle Mike head to Grass Valley

R.I.P. to Savannah jazz musician Ben Tucker, who was killed when his golf cart was struck by a car

And R.I.P. to drummer and Hot Tuna co-founder Joey Covington, who was killed when his car struck a wall in Palm Springs

Jake Shimabukuro rocks the Palladium

Yet another update on the Gibson Guitar Saga

Tomatoes and Zydeco music, what could be better?

Chris Smither comes full circle

Making a Governors Island pavilion with 53,000 plastic bottles

And Rollin' Up the River at the 2013 Chicago Blues Fest

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday Music News You Can Use

R.I.P. to hula dancer and singer Bernadette Hernandez, who was the mother of singer Bruno Mars. Only 55.

Previewing the next 2 weeks at the D.C. Jazz Festival

Buy Bob Wills' house for $1.00 on eBay!

Fog to descend at The Yew Tree

Another new Guitar Gadget

New music coming out of Louisiana's Bayou Country

Time for Bonnaroo

Alice Cooper pays homage to his Guitar Heroes

David Lynch to release a "Modern Blues" album,98540/

And previewing next week's Bessie Smith Strut in Tennessee