Sunday, May 31, 2009

Domino Effect

A recap of last night's benefit concert in New Orleans honoring Fats Domino. The Fat Man himself was there but did not perform.

One of our NRBQ e-mail list members was at the show and I assume he will post his own review when he gets back.

Hawai'i SuperFerry Files for Bankruptcy

No surprise here...

Sunday Music Digest

Hamburg Germany opens a new Beatles museum

A new release from Wynton Marsalis

Preview of the 30th Long Beach Blues Fest

Benny Goodman's 100th b-day

And going back in time in Rolling Stone

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Number Two (Times 10)

The 10-best Beatles songs that never got to #1 on the charts.

Considering how many #1's they had, 10 also-rans ain't too shabby, as Joe Perham might say.

Seattle Vintage Guitar Fest Time

As the esteemed drumming philosopher Albert Bouchard once said, "Cities On Flame With Rock and Roll"...

We Travel the Spaceways

NASA Photo

Scary Flying Story #2

Speaking of flying to Hawai'i, the Feds just gave the state $7 million for airport improvements. Most of this will go to improve the Friendly Isle Airport on Moloka'i, adding a Rescue and Fire Station.

Scary Flying Story

Why doesn't Southwest Airlines fly to Hawai'i? Many reasons!

Saturday Music Digest

Stupid Music from the Nashville Swing Band, led by the great Buddy Spicher

Jazz listings for the Big Apple

The Jazz Bakery

The annual Spring Concert from the Honolulu Chorale

And remembering Bo Diddley one year after his death

Friday, May 29, 2009

"Oo-ee, Baby!"

Previewing this summer's Boston music cruises.

Beatles' Rock Band Preview

Dhani Harrison says it will blow our minds!

Wedding Bells

(Good Comics Comic Books Resource photo)

The end of a 65-year-long love triangle is coming to an end...Archie Andrews will marry Veronica Lodge in the 6000th edition of "Archie Comics".

"Archie" of course was created right here in Meredith NH by Meredith Neck resident Bob Montana. He based "Riverdale" on his childhood home of Lawrence, MA, but most of the characters were based on local Meredith residents. Be sure to click on the comic strip image above, as Bob's delf-described life story is great.

Nu'uanu Valley East

Happened to spot this rain-fueled waterfall on Rattlesnake Mountain in Rumney this morning-this is not to be confused with the "other" Rattlesnake Mountain to the south near Squam Lake. Luckily this didn't endanger the peregrine falcons that live on these cliffs.

Click on the post title to read more about the falcons of Rattlesnake, written by a former professor of mine, Bill Taffe.

Buh-Bye, Phil

Troubled music producer Phil Spector got sentenced today for his murder conviction. He will spend at least the next 19 years behind bars.

Friday Music Digest

More on the up-and-coming Boston musician Sarah Borges

Stupid Music with Junior Brown!

Looking back at old jazz clubs in San Francisco:

Return of the Lighthouse Trio

And yet another great new musical name-air guitarist Hot Lixx Hulahan!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scary Flying Story #947

Textbook ILS Approach Pattern, May 2009

Support your local or regional airport-you'll be helping thousands and thousands of private pilots take off and then make thousands and thousands of safe landings!

Southern Australian Nights

Our friends at Radio Australia are all hopped up about the new Allen Toussaint release.

View From the Crown

A sneak preview (video included) of the soon-to-reopen Statue of Liberty's highest viewpoint.

Thursday Music Digest

A nice new acoustic guitar hits the market

Six for Switzerland

Remembering the Sly Sy Coleman...

Preview of the upcoming Bull Durham Blues Festival

And Beatlemania lives again!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stormy Wednesday Part 2

From our friends at the National Weather Service:

"The cold frontal caboose moves across the region on Friday...then offshore Friday night."

Stormy Wednesday

Warren, NH, May 27

Bet there is great fishing here...

Island Hopping

My old hometown of Governors Island in NY Harbor has just about finished its summer events scheduling...

Thick As a Brick!

Speaking of Randall Hall, New Hampton School is now selling genuine bricks from the old Randall Hall as a fund-raiser. Cost is $50 per brick, and $12 per brick for shipping! Click post title for order form.

Weds. Music Digest

Yowza! Keely Smith has a vintage double album reissue due out next week!

The best summer mix tape ever?

A new guitar tribute to Monk:

Happy b-day to Miles Beyond

And Uncle Tom is gabbin' away...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"New" Randall Hall Update

Here's the most recent photo (I took this Saturday) of the latest addition to the New Hampton School "Front Four". At this point, it's "pau hana", with the only thing left to finish being the new grass lawn out front.

This new Science and Math Building replaces the classic old 4 story dormitory known as Randall Hall, which was built in the early 1800s, then taken apart brick by brick and moved over 2 miles to this location many years later. It was torn down in March of 2008 (see my Randall Hall blog by clicking on the post title) and ground was broken for this new structure on April 11, 2008.

Walking to New Orleans

Assorted NOLA music news, including 2 benefits this weekend.

Scary Flying Story

A rarity for this part of the world-a helicopter makes a bad landing. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Tuesday Music Digest

Jazz for Peace in Rwanda

Benny Goodman sighting

A new Sun Ra exhibit in Pennsylvania

Assorted music reviews

And hail the American songbook

Monday, May 25, 2009

Losing Steam

The great railroad museum Steamtown, which used to be a private park in Vermont but then was moved down to Scranton PA and turned into a National Park, will be temporarily taking one of their prime steam locos out of service.

Hawaiian Airlines Gives $150,000 to Bishop Museum

This will include flying an ancient wax phonograph recording of King Kalakua to the Mainland for analysis and enhancement.

"Louie, Lou-EYE"...

A look back at an early rock classic that was in reality a song about...Jamaica?

Memorial Day Music Digest

A new ookelele band from Kiwi-land

Miles and miles of Stupid Music

R.I.P. to jazzman Buddy Montgomery,0,7402325.story

Return of the R & B Girl Group

And a new "luxury" guitar magazine debuts:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

NRBQ Semi-Reunion?

Coming up in late June at the Iron Horse in Northampton MA, just about every past member of the Q will be getting together for a Wild Weekend!

Here Come the Squirrels and Their Nuts

"Some don't know how to set up a tent, light a fire, anything," said Gregg Pitman, executive director of the New Hampshire Campground Owners Association. "But they're chomping at the bit to be here."

Sunday Music Digest

Stupid Music from George Strait

Teaching jazz

Weird Al sighting

Blues travelers

And a garden for Hari

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Inland Sea

Some of us did a early Saturday ascent of West Rattlesnake today-this overlooks Golden Pond and offers vastly rewarding views for little to no exertion.

Here are some of the smaller islands, with Lake Winnipesaukee in the background.

It's What's For (Fiddling Around) Dinner

I finally got me some fiddleheads, and gently steamed them for dinner, later smothered with garlic butter.

Up here they are "only" $4.99 a pound, which is currently the same price as Lobstah.

But they only happen for 2 weeks out of 52 and the flavor cannot be equaled.

Looks Tasty!

BBQ Texas style

Saturday Music Digest

Jazz in Sacramento

Reggae at UCLA

Koz at the Waikiki Shell

Folk music in the Northwest

And Island Mele

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy 150th B-Day

From the Concord Monitor...

The game is still afoot. Today is the 150th anniversary of the birth, on Picardy Street in Edinburgh, Scotland, of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes. Doyle died in 1930, but Holmes and Dr. Watson live on.

Scary Flying Story

The 1911 voyage of the Vin Fiz, the first transcontinental flight in the US.

Hanalei Bay #1 US Beach

"Doctor Beach" has named Hanalei Bay on Kaua'i the number 1 beach in the US. Hamoa Beach on Mau'i came in at #5.

I took this shot of Hanalei Bay on a stormy day in 2003. I think that is Graham Nash's rowboat, or maybe it's Todd Rundgren's?

Friday Music Digest

Honoring Stupid Music in Tulsa

A profile of Sarah Borges

Dr. Billy Taylor teaches "America's classical music"

And New Orleans meets Harlem

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Latest info re. the Honolulu Symphony's annual fair. Jake Shimabukuro will add some levity no doubt.

Climb Every Mountain (19 Times?)

(AP Picture)
Sherpa scales Everest for record 19th time
Appa Sherpa climbs Mt. Everest for the 19th time. That's almost as many times as I have climbed Saddle Hill.

45 RPM

Music blogger Lee Hartsfield (shown as Great Music Blog #2 on my sidebar) just got himself a new Stanton USB turntable, and decided to rip some 45s. Tasty!

"Let It Roll"

The first preview of the new George Harrison Best-Of...includes the final set list. It's George, so it's ono!

Flying Tomatoes

My heirloom tomato plants arrived at 5:30. All in excellent condition. What's scary is that they are of better quality than those from my local greenhouse.

New Ray!

Ray Charles' 1972 concept album "A Message From the People" gets a new life.

A Mighty Wind

A recent nasty storm in Antarctica gave Mt. Washington's world record wind speed a run for its money...

"Wind gusts reached greater-than-hurricane strength at Black Island, with speeds clocked at 193 knots (211 mph) and sustained winds at 99 knots (114 mph). The all-time surface wind-speed record is 231 mph, recorded during an April windstorm in 1934 at the Mount Washington Observatory."

Flying Tomatoes Alert

My heirloom tomatoes left Chelmsford MA last night at 9:35 PM, and arrived in Laconia this morning at 2:00 AM. Into the UPS truck at 5:46 AM, and now out for delivery.

Thursday Music Digest

Jenni Muldaur (Geoff and Maria's kid) sings NRBQ

The State of New Orleans, musical and otherwise...

A full schedule for Jacksonville Jazz 2009

6 superstar guitars

And speaking of guitars, Steve Wariner is heading the Guitar Auction at the Grand Ole Opry this year,3034,GAC_26063_5943428_,00.html

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Flying Tomato Update

My tomato plants have been sitting at the Louisville KY airport for almost a day and a half now; they should be airborne sometime tonight for the final hop to MHT here in NH.


The Killer Tomatoes arrived in New England sometime earlier today (not tracked) and left the UPS facility about 20 minutes ago by truck. They will be taking the scenic Bob and Ray route up old Route 3.

New Kaua'i Helicopter Tour?

Island Helicopters has apparently gotten the OK to land near the base of "Jurassic Falls" in the Hanapepe Valley.

Tickling the Keys

Dr. John will be one of the Judges at this year's Jacksonville Jazz Piano Competition.

Deadly Seas on Kaua'i

An elderly visitor drowned the other day near Tunnels, and yesterday another elderly gentleman got caught in a rip current at Molo'a Bay, best known as the filming location for the pilot episode of "Gilligan's Island". He's in critical condition.

(Expanded) Wednesday Music Digest

A little lagniappe added today...

Sita sings the blues

Got Stones?

The Wheel keeps on playing Stupid Music...

Some new live dates for the assorted members of NRBQ

DownBeat Magazine turns 75,0,6442392.story

New York loses its Jazz Festival

And, as usual, Uncle Tom is Gabbin'

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"I Cannot Change The Laws of Physics!"

A new tribute to Scotty...

A Warm Breeze

Sanbornton, NH May 19th.

Regular readers of this blog might recognize this shot-I took the same picture 5 months ago. It was slightly warmer today...

Flying Tomatoes

My tomato plants safely landed in Louisville KY at 12:47 PM.

Tomato Tracks

My tomato plants are in the air out of Portland. Departure time was just after 6 AM PDT.

'Choking With Los Lobos

On our Kerouac Trip out west in 1976, my friends and I found ourselves in Salinas, California, the Artichoke Capitol of the Universe. Along the sides of the Pacific Coast Highway, there were 'choke vendors selling the critters for bargain prices-we even saw one stand that was selling 40 of them for $1.

Last weekend they had the 50th Anniversary of the Artichoke Festival, and Los Lobos provided the music.

"Let Them East Sushi!"

A new tuna farm in Hawai'i will hopefully help satisfy the demand for bigeye tuna, prized for sashimi.

Tuesday Music Digest

Chicago Jazz Fest 2009,0,3074504.story

Ziggy Marley tries kid's music


Bayou boogaloo!

John Lee Hooker (Junior)

And an all-star funeral for Texas guitarist Stephen Bruton...

Tomato Tracking

My tomato plants left the nursery in Oregon at just before 10 PM last night, and arrived at the airport in Portland 4 hours ago.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Shotgun Breakfast

(Flickr photo)

Back when TV stars could actually also endorse products. Those were the days. I could stare into the eyes of those fried eggs forever.

Click on post title for a classic Jethro Bodine ad for Kellog's Corn Flakes.

Program Them Computers

9 traditional games that have been ruined by the digital age. Or so this dweeb claims.

Scary Flying Story

As was chronicled in last May's blog section, I get some of my heirloom tomato plants from a nursery in Oregon. These are shipped to arrive on the last weekend in May, and are shipped via UPS 3rd Day Air. Last year, 3rd Day Air turned out to be 2nd Day Air, which means I might get them Wednesday.

This year I have a 6-pack, and they are now beginning their journey.

Live Aloha New Hampsha Style

Laconia NH, May 17...looks like it's perfectly spelled but it may be missing some "gloital stops".

Careful with that twang bar!

Elvis in Hawai'i

Speaking of El, here's a nice fan site.

Just Passing Thru...

Found this solitary Canada Goose dropping in for a visit to a meadow in Sanbornton NH the other day. No competition!

Coco Palms Royalty

Some fascinating background of the Coco Palms resort in Kapa'a on the Garden Isle. Not sure if they still do it, but some friends and I got to take a private guided tour of this ruined hotel in 2003 when we were on the Garden Isle. It was of course trashed in the early 1990s when Hurricane Iniki singled Kaua'i out for mayhem.

Strangely enough, Turner Classic Movies had "Blue Hawaii" on Saturday night. The final half hour or so of Blue Hawaii was filmed in the Coco Palms back yard and also in its bar.

Lots of weird people in that film supporting Elvis. To wit:

1. Sid Toler played Elvis' dad. He of course had earlier been one of the Charlie Chans, and before that was a radio announcer for the Boston Red Sox in the 1930s.

2. Angela Lansbury was El's Ma, even though she was only 10 years older than he was at the time. She later said it was one of her worst performances, but I always thought she was great as a drunken Southern drawl transplanted to pineapple land.

3. Elvis' love interest has for decades been mistakenly IDed as a British actress. They have all been confusing 2 Blackmans; the one in Blue Hawaii, Joan, was born in San Francisco.

4. Joan's boss in the movie is played by Floyd the Barber, Howard McNear.

5. Jenny Maxwell, who played Ellie Corbett, the spoiled brat teenager in the film, met a horrible end some years later-she and her husband were gunned down in cold blood in a robbery outside their condo in Beverly Hills. She was only 39.

Heat Wave

A frost advisory remains in effect from midnight tonight to 8 am
EDT Tuesday.

An unseasonably cold air mass over New England... combined with a
mainly clear and calm night... will allow frost to form in many
spots from the foothills all the way to the coast. Some of the
normally colder spots could fall below freezing... but a hard
freeze is not expected.

A frost advisory means that frost is possible. Sensitive outdoor
plants may be killed if left uncovered.

Rip It Up!

There's a new documentary out called "Rip: A Remix Manifesto", which looks at how the rise in digital file sharing has affected the major record companies.

Click on the post title to get ripped!

The Coffee Song?

"Java" with lyrics?

Holy Tweet!

A review of the new album by NRBQ's Terry Adams.

Ramblin' Man

Jack Elliott, still getting into trouble at age 77!

Monday Music Digest

Got guitar chops? Aerosmith's looking for an opening band.

Slide guitar, past and present...

Profile of the latest member of the Kingston Trio

Buddy and Jake

And jazz meets jazz

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Moose In The Morning

Saw this critter early Saturday morning just down the road...

Turn + Down + That + Stupid + Music!

Pianos are disappearing from living rooms all over America.

Speaking of which I have a free ancient upright, gratis to whoever wants to haul it away.

The Best Cheap Seat In The House

Concert tickets done dirt cheap.

2009 New England Summer Music Preview

From the Boston Globe...everything from soup to nuts!

"Comfort Food With A Southern Drawl"

The successor to beloved Southern restaurant Magnolias in Cambridge MA finally has its website up...

Sunday Music Digest

Springsteen's new Guitar Cam

Guitar solos

Speaking of which-here's Clapton doing one recently

Miles' "Sketches of Spain" has Arabic roots?

And R.I.P. to jazzman Wayman Tisdale, who in a prior life was an NBA star...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Soon To Add

Yet Another Great NYC Blog

385 Years Ago Today...

30 families from Holland settle on Nutten Island in New York Harbor.

"Live, From Woonsocket!"

91-year-young Dominick "Don" Pardo was inducted into the Rhode Island Radio Hall of Fame Thursday night. He started his radio career in RI in 1938.

Pardo officially retired 4 years ago and now lives in Arizona, but has been flying back and forth to NY City as he is still doing the intros for "Saturday Night Live".

However, tonight's season finale will be Don's swan song.

Touring for Burgers

The world's first hamburger pilgramage?

No Aloha for Go!

Go! Airlines, which had been trying to buy the old Aloha Airlines trademark, got shot down by a Federal Judge.

Saturday Music Digest

Wrapup of last week's Blues Music Awards

George Harrison's Mini-Cooper is reborn

A Phil Woods sighting,0,6979346.story

A look at the great new album by Allen Toussaint:

And a guitar attack in Britain

Friday, May 15, 2009

Go Back to Nowhere

A fascinating story of how a 1973 concert by Uncle Chickie Corea and Return to Forever was interrupted by a bomb threat!

An angry neighbor was fed up after the noise Lou Reed's show had made the night before, so picked up the phone and caused the evacuation of the entire audience.

Oh, and the link includes being able to listen to said concert. Requires a small software player install.

Island In The Sky

(Boyd Smith photo)

Taken earlier this week looking to the summit of Mt. Cardigan, which is one of three major "monadnock" mountains in southern New Hampshire. A 'monadnock" is defined as an isolated mountain that towers above its surrounding landscape, and this name was taken from the mountain of the same name in southern New Hampshire. Besides that one and Cardigan here, the other one is Kearsarge, which is just to the south of (and visible from) Cardigan. I can't remember if Mt. Monadnock itself is visible from Cardigan, but it probably is due to its height.

Other notable examples of these small mountains, also called "inselbergs", or "island mountains", are Sugar Loaf in Rio and many small peaks in South Africa.

Friday Music Digest

Asbury Park Guitar Fest

Joe Ely alert!

Jazz, blues, and Dylan

Congress honors the late Voice of America jazz host Willis Conover

And a preview of this year's Hawai'i Book and Music Fest

Thursday, May 14, 2009

There Goes the Neighborhood

Some new Saddle Hill residents...they moved in Wednesday.

Mama Hated Diesels (So Bad)

A welcome sighting of Commander Cody, who has a new album.

Bob Wills would be proud, as George has used his "Time Changes Everything" formula. To wit:

"You can change the name of an old song
Re-arrange it and make it swing"

News From Bali Hai

Google News Alert for: Niihau

トラベルビジョン - Tokyo,Japan
なんと、ニイハウ島の貝、ニイハウ・ププ(Ni'ihau pupu)でピアス、イヤリング、ブレスレットを作るクラスがあるのだ。ニイハウ・ププとは、住人しか入ることの ...

Hawaiian Shirts!

"There's only two kinds of guys who wear Hawaiian shirts: gay guys and big, fat party animals."...Homer Simpson

Thursday Music Digest

Allman Bros. review

Jake to do a benefit on the Big Island

Analog in a digital world

A new jazz-world music hybrid:

And remembering the King of Stupid Music, 34 years after his death

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Scary Flying Story

Stunt pilot Squeak Burnett goes to war. Co-stars Big Eddie Mahler.

There Is a Mountain

Bridgewater Mountain in Grafton County NH, as seen from New Hampton in Belknap County, NH, late April 2009.

This peak name actually refers to a long (10 miles) ridge running from north to south, going all the way from Plymouth and Hebron down to Bristol and Peaked Hill. The views from up high over Newfound Lake are spectacular, as are the views looking in other directions.

Lennon: The New York City Years

A new exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex in NYC...

Kaua'i Marriott Goes Hollywood

A new package includes the Hawai'i Movie Tour (which several of us took in 2003) and a night-time viewing of the new re-release of "South Pacific" under the stars!

Get Up and Go!

Go! airlines gets approval to serve some smaller airports in Hawai'i.

Hump Day Music Digest

Automatic Slim!


Bluebird on the Mountain

The Duke Ellington Band plays China

And Gabbin' with Uncle Tom Moffatt

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fine Tuning

Our host server is doing scheduled maintenance which explains the tech issues. This should be pau hana by daybreak.

Tracks Ahead

Near the Meredith/New Hampton town line in Belknap County, May 12, 2009

(Son Of) Nashie!

Island vibes.

Spring on Bonsai Island

Moultonboro NH, May 12, 2009

I previously showed this isle about 2 1/2 months ago. Tempis Fugit.

If you have a microscope, you can see Mt. Cardigan in the background

Climb Every Mountain

Ascending Mt. Everest with a MacBook Pro and an iPod

"I Would Not Feel So All Alone...."

Dylan unnoticed on Beatles tour

Folk legend Bob Dylan mingled unnoticed with Beatles tourists during a minibus tour to John Lennon's childhood home.

The 67-year-old troubadour paid £16 for the public trip to the 1940s semi in Woolton, Liverpool, last week as his European tour called at the city.

He was one of 14 tourists to examine photos and documents in the National Trust-owned home, where Lennon grew up with his aunt Mimi and uncle George.

A National Trust spokeswoman said Dylan "appeared to enjoy himself".

Tuesday Music Digest

Drummer Johnny Cuviello, who played with Bob Wills in the Tiffany days, is still playing Stupid Music at age 90!

A benefit for Northern California jazz musicians...

Lincoln Center turns 50

Another island radio station "Learns to Speak Hawaiian"

And his musical colleagues remember Stephen Bruton:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Smelt City!

Saw this fish fry waiting to happen this evening in Sanbornton, NH. Black Brook rises high in the hills and drains into Lake Winnisquam, and has been reknowned as a smelt breeding ground for years.

Looks quiet in this picture, but they were busy below the surface.

After the Hail

Post-thunderstorm sunset looking west from Saddle Hill, May 9, 2009

At Last!

Our friends at the Boston Herald review Friday night's set by Etta James at the new Boston version of the House of Blues...

We Travel the Spaceways

(CNN Screen Cap from NASA TV feed)

A transducer failed shortly after liftoff, but of course this had redundant backups. Currently in orbit.

Save the Hubble!

(Reuters Photo)

The crew of the space shuttle Atlantis STS-125 (L to R) mission specialist's Megan McArthur, Michael Good, pilot Gregory Johnson, commander Scott Altman, mission specialist's John Grunsfeld, Michael Massimino and Andrew Feustel stand for a group photo after arriving at the shuttle landing facility at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, May 8, 2009.

This mission is to make repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope.

This will be launching in less than an post title for live coverage!

Monday Music Digest

Coming to HBO: "Treme"...

Uncle Chickie in Blue-Ray

Essentially Ellington

Another great band name=Mike Watt and The Missingmen

And the Australian Beatles will tour Vietnam.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

R.I.P. Texas Musician Stephen Bruton

A guitar legend passes...

Guitar Throw

For anyone lucky enough to be in Hawai'i next week, slack key legend Cyril Pahinui will be giving a couple of guitar workshops on the Windward side...

New Hampshire Mountain Rescue

Three women from Massachusetts had to be rescued from NH's third-highest peak at midnight after getting caught in the same line of thunderstorms that gave me the hail. Scary stuff!

Sunday Music DIgest

JazzFest 2009 attendance? Up from last year

The Midnite Disturbers

One man's love affair with Danelectro guitars...

A rare guitar sold?

And some photos of Terry Adams in concert last week

Saturday, May 9, 2009

More Snow

Technically speaking we got more snow today, as a very rapidly-moving spring thunderstorm dropped an amazingly large amount of HAIL on Saddle Hill about 6 PM.

Hail size estimate was 1/4", which is pea-sized. It accumulated on the lawn to a depth of about 1 inch.

Sad to say I couldn't take a picture of it as I had left my camera in the car, and didn't feel like going out to retrieve it during the electrical activities.

Widespread wind damage elsewhere in Belknap County, especially Laconia...

Beam Us Up

Another view of "Star Trek"...

Crazy 8's

Thousands of 8's served.

Music for Kiddies

Stay Awake!

Fergie's Prayer

From last fall, a nice interview with original NRBQ guitarist Steve Ferguson.

Saturday Music Digest

Guitar villain

Hi and Lois do NRBQ

A new Stupid Music band with a great bane-The Space Heaters!

NYC Summer Stages preview

And 3 Little Pigs and all that jazz

Friday, May 8, 2009



Why has this stat not been removed?

Because up here we have recorded snowfall as late as Mem Day

Skunk Cabbage

Or, "Dry cleaning bags filled with marsh gas"

Sanbornton, NH, May 2009

Border Collie Digest!

A semi irregular feature...our family was owned by Border Collies for almost 2 decades, and they are great dogs. If you have the room, that is.

First up, Camp-Stock out West.

R.I.P. "The Little Professor"

(WBZ Photo)

Where have you gone, Dom DiMaggio?

Friday Music Digest

The history of Okie rock and roll (hint: it's Stupid Music)

A preview of this summer's outdoor music in Fort Collins Colorado

ABC is starting a new "Music Lounge"...

Hawaiian Style

And a preview of the Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival...I would imagine they would have fresh ersters there?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tupelo Redux

The previous "South Shall Rise Again" post refers to the latest incarnation of great food at the site of the longtime outstanding Southern vittles place Magnolias in Cambridge MA.

The new place is called Tupelo, and if you click on the post title you'll see nifty opening night photos, et al.

Al, Leon, and Gary

How Leon Russell and Al Kooper assisted the son of a comedy genius!

Synchro System

For the first time in several years, Nigeria's legendary King Sunny Ade will be doing a 40-date American tour this spring and summer.

When last gasped in the late 1980s, we saw Sunny live in the Back Bay of Boston with an 18 piece band that included at least 3 guitarists (as well as a Stupid Music Hawaiian-kine steel guitar player). Also 4 talking drums.

Wearing Of The Green

Saddle Hill, May 5, 2009...the little grey Al Bundy cloud that sits 24/7 above my house is clearly visible.

The South Shall Rise Again!

Thursday Music Digest

Ookelele meets kazoo across the pond...

A preview of the 40th Woodstock

About time-a Junior Brown sighting!

All in the family jazz

And an upcoming Benny Goodman celebration

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Everything You Know IS Wrong!

from Thomas at Chromium Switch:

G. D. Maxwell, a writer for "Pique Newsmagazine" based in Whistler, British Columbia, commented on the upcoming elections in BC:

"... But noooooo. He [John Van Dongen, former solicitor-general] loses his job over speeding tickets. Oh the moral turpitude. And get this, Two-Martini [British Columbia Premier Gordon] Campbell, accepting the resignation and saying he'll now screen the driving records of future solicitors-general, has the incredible bad taste to say, "I think it is important for the s-g to set an example. I think it's important for all of us to try to do that."

When Mr. Mug-Shot can say that with a straight face, I'm more convinced than ever the Firesign Theater are running things. For those of you completely unfamiliar with Firesign Theater, punch 'em into YouTube and have fun. Hint: You might try imbibing in a bit of the main plank of the Marijuana Party's platform first..."

As it turns out, there really IS a Firesign connection, as explained by Phil Proctor himself:

"Good grief!!! He's talking about my daughter's father-in-law, Gordon Campbell, who is running for re-election as Premier of British Columbia! Kristin and Geoff are up in Vancouver helping him right now.

One of his party members had to be fired because he was caught speeding and Gord's political enemies, like this jerk, are still harping on the fact that Gordon was arrested years ago on Maui (where the whole family celebrates Christmas every year.) for DUI. He's been sober ever since and this is a very unfair rap. ~ Philip"

Talk Story

From UH Press

"Talking Hawaii's Story is the first major book in over a generation to present a rich sampling of the landmark work of Hawai`i's Center for Oral History. Twenty-nine extensive oral histories introduce readers to the sights and sounds of territorial Waikiki, to the feeling of community in Palama, in Kona, or on the island of Lanai, and even to the experience of a German national interned by the military government after Pearl Harbor. The result is a collection that preserves Hawai`i's social and cultural history through the narratives of the people who lived it--co-workers, neighbors, family members, and friends."

Time Travelers


Wild Turkey Surprise

A visit to Turkey Texas for Bob Wills Day.

Wednesday Music Digest

Heritage at JazzFest

Listening to Stupid Music for the very first time!,27590/

Mingus lives

The latest on the upcoming auction of George Formby's banjo-ookelele hybrid

And Uncle Tom Moffatt is gabbin', after all it's midweek!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Feel Good, I Feel Bad

Ron Nasty would approve-the Beatles edition of Guitar Hero will have authentic replica musical instruments included! Expect to pay hundreds of pictures of dead Presidents...

Life Reappears In The Graveyard

Belknap County NH, May 2009

Photo by Craig on Saddle Hill

Brah Hugh Talks Story

All About Jazz' RJ DeLuke speaks with our buddy Hugh Masekela, who was at JazzFest last week.

Hugh's new album, "Phola", is great, by the way!

Cinco de Mayo Music Digest


A Battle of the Bands across the pond:

Sarah Borges does NRBQ

Country music as lullabies?

And Bird in Time...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Snipe Hunting in Kailua

Pohakupu Park, Kailua, April 2003 (Craig on Saddle Hill photo)

We went snipe hunting here one night in 1963. Also dumped soda in the fountain.

Directly across the street from this park is Castle Hospital, sadly best-known as the place where The Man Who Shot John Lennon worked.

Jazzed Up

A belated look at JazzFest Weekend #1

O, No!!!

On June 14 in London, Yoko Ono will perform with the Plastic Ono Band although the line-up remains a mystery.

Los Lobos at JazzFest

Stay Awake!

Monday Music Digest

New Orleans JazzFest wrap

The Heath Brothers sighted

Forever soulful

Psycho Guitar Killers!

And chords VS keys:

Sunday, May 3, 2009

6 Years Ago R.I.P.

( image)

Meet (Some Of) The Beatles!

A fascinating story of the encounter between Tiny Tim and George Harrison. Followed by a fascinating story of the encounter between Tiny and Ringo Starr!

Speaking of Ringo, I just found out that former All-Starr Band guitarist Joe Walsh married Marjorie Bach last year. She's the sister of Barbara, who's Mrs. Starkey.

That makes Ringo and Joe brothers-in-law by marriage. The family reunions must be a laugh riot.

Scary Flying Story

(BBC Photo)

This is what is known as a "crappy landing"...

Sunday Music Digest

A review of the Terry Adams Rock and Roll Quartet in Albany!

Chuck Mangione plays in memory of two of his band members who died in a plane crash

Remembering Charlie Parker

Finding local jazz in Hawai'i

And more images and words from JazzFest

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Last Frame

Pali Lanes sideways view picture by Craig on Saddle Hill circa 04/03

As a real estate gweeb, I am amazed it lasted this long. Prolly only because it was in Kailua!

In 1965, there was a chicken place across the street from Pali Bowl that sold something they called "broasted chicken".

Red Green could not be reached for comment.

Gutter Ball Redux

Here's another shot I took of the soon-to-be-closed Pali Lanes bowling alley in Kailua in 2003.

BTW all of these shots are "traditional" 35MM SLR film camera shots taken with my trusty Minolta Maxuum 3i, circa 1992. I've been a Minolta shooter from way back, as my first childhood camera was a classic 16MM Minolta spy camera that Pop, aka "Turn Down That Stupid Music!", brought back from the Near East in 1964.

More JazzFest Live

Several live broadcasts from the Fairgrounds this weekend.

On as I type this in are the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, to be followed by an interview with Aaron Neville and then an all-star tribute to the "Kind of Blue" album that Miles Davis put out 50 years ago.

Click on the post title to listen live; several listening options are available, including iTunes.

Boss Sounds!

Remembering the "Boss-Town Sound" of the late 1960s.

Saturday Music Digest

Jazz pipes

Stupid Music now lives at the Austin Airport

Painted guitars

A look at the new movie about the epic songwriters known as The Sherman Brothers

And a preview of Ben Harper's new album:

Friday, May 1, 2009

Lei Day 2009

Hawai'i Magazine has a rundown of what's happening where today...

Lei Day Music Digest

Stupid Music Flashback-visiting Wills Gardens Amusement Park

Stupid Music pops the pond:

"Hot Oklahoma Nights"

Flushing jazz to Queens

And a wrapup of Day 1 of Weekend 2 at JazzFest