Monday, February 23, 2009

Obligatory Tropical Island Post

Here's one of my college room-mates, Johnny Mac, on the beach at Molo'oa Bay on Kaua'i in 2003. John, his wife, father in law and I spent 8 days on the Garden Isle, and this was one of the highlights, as it's the exact beach where the pilot episode of "Gilligan's Island" was filmed-curiously enough, on Assassination Weekend 1963. At that time I was living about 120 miles to the east in Kailua.

John's wearing his official Little Buddy T-shirt. In the distance behind him is the platform where much of the "Gilligan" pilot episode was shot.

The majority of casual Garden Isle visitors have no idea where this beach is, as many of the best beaches on the island are off the beaten path, or unpublicized, or too overcrowded to bother with. We would have never known about this beach without having visited it on the Kaua'i Movie Tour.

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