Saturday, January 24, 2009

Growing Up In 1950's Kailua

As Spock would say, "fascinating".

"As we progressed in school, there were more chores. At Kailua High School, every month some students had “work” day. We worked in the cafeteria, helping to prepare lunch, in the office delivering notes, etc to classrooms, in the audio-visual room running projectors and worked with the custodians doing general clean up.

Perhaps a byproduct of this was that we never would had thought of vandalizing our school. I don’t remember one single incidence of someone stealing classroom equipment or messing up our school.

The fact that paddling was allowed could have been a factor as well. If someone really misbehaved in the classroom, they could be sent to the Principal’s office. There, Mr. Charles Clark would ask a young person to bend over and whack! After a whack or whacks with the paddle on the behind, young men would come out of the office with really red faces, and probably red behinds as well."