Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hump Day Music News You Can Use

My links have been lost in cyberspace e-mail limbo all day. As soon as they show up I will post them!

And almost 4 hours later, the links finally show up in my inbox!

Uncle Tom Moffatt is Gabbing about this week in 1977, when Fleetwood Mac came to Honalula

Wednesday's live Muzit in New Orleans includes The BoogieMen @ Rock 'n' Bowl

A record crowd at this year's Bradenton Blues Fest

The best Jazz reissues of 2014

Hugh Masekela heads to London

Buying a guitar? Don't Fret!

An update on Starkey's 2015 tour schedule

"Jake" Commander gets thrown in the pokey

Catchy, creepy Christmas Carols

And Mrs. Prickley gets picked to host the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards